Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I want to be this kind of mom.

I found this on youtube, and felt so compelled to share it with you.
I love being a mom, it's the best job in the world. I hope I can be this type of who knows....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kandis B. Designs in stores!

One of Kandis B's biggest clients is ATG. They own all the stores in the SLC Airport (I lucked into this one.) While at the airport...I got to see some of my designs in some of the stores. It was very exciting.
Here is a picture of me with a collection of mine. This collection is called "Going Green Global Warming Scarves" They are all recycled made out of t-shirts and jeans. They are super funky and lots of fun. If you want one of your own...let me know, and I'll get you one at wholesale. (or any of my designs for that matter.) But is a picture of me and some of my designs. (SO EXCITING)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Cruise 2008

For my Moms 50th birthday she wanted to go on a family vacation. So my parents took all 19 of us on a cruise to the Mexican Riveria for 7 days. We went on Princess Cruise lines Golden Princess. It was a beautiful HUGE ship. In fact in Mazatlan we were ported with two other ships, and our ship dwarfed all those others. We had a great time!
Elle and her cousin Macady on the flight to California.

The Ship had four pools. The outside main pool was the perfect pool for the kids, where they could play in shallow water. The pools were fresh water too...which made it really nice. Elle loved going swimming with all her cousins. Dave took her swimming each time, while I watched and got some sun!

Of course all we felt like we did was eat. Here are a few pictures of us at dinner.

In Puerto Vallarta, Dave took Elle to hold a "Big Bird". She let the bird kiss her cheek...she loved it.

In Mazatlan we spent the day at the beach. Elle's cousins were getting their hair braided, so she had to get hers done too. She looked so cute afterwards. Dave and I also went parasailing. The launched us from the beach and landed us on the beach too. It was a lot of sun. I got a lot of sun this day, and broke out into a sun rash...luckly it only lasted a day...and then went away. We had a great time on the beach this day!

This is Elle after she got her hair braided with her cousin Rylee (Rylee is 14 months older then Elle.)

We had such a good time. Our last port was Cabo San Lucas, and I forgot our camera on the ship. The boys when deep sea fishing, and the girls went shopping. I love Cabo, and I'm tempted to go and stay for a week just in Cabo San Lucas. We had a great time on the cruise....and can't wait to go on another one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fertility Testing.

Well today I went to the Fertility Specialist that I was referred to.
It was really discouraging. The doctor gave a lot of words of encouragement...but when I started to realize what the cost was going to be...I became really really overwhelmed and discouraged. After the 251.00 consult (yes that was just to talk to the guy) I came out of there with a new course of action. At least he gave me a path to go down. So this is the news. I am to start on three new fertility drugs. Then I have to under go three blood work test at different types of the month, and a HSG test that will evaluate what my insides look like.(He said it is really painful.) Oh the joy.
Luckily I contacted my insurance...and they will cover the testing. Hopefully this will work for us. Wish us luck.