Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Fabulous Splurge in these tight times!

I know times are tough for most everyone right now...and if you are anything like me you are DYING to have something fabulous and new. But also if you're anything like me right now isn't the time to buy that new Chanel Handbag or those rockin Dior sunglasses.
So I have a splurge for you that will make you feel just as fabulous!

ONE word...

Not just any lipstick...like I said this is a splurge but a fabulous spurge and it will leave you feeling super fab!

Head on over to the Nordstroms counter and pick out a extra fabulous wear all day everyday lipstick....Because this is a Fab splurge go for the lux....buy Chanel or Dior. They both have fabulous selections for colors and great coverage...and do I have to remind you it will leaving you feeling like a million fabulous buck? Be prepared to spend $28-30 + tax...but like I said this is a slurge and it will satisfy your craving for something even spendier!
Now Come On Go wild.....paint your lips with an amazing lipstick...treat yourself....you deserve it!

My seriously favorite pictures of 2009

{disclaimer this is an amazingly long post of a bazillion of pictures....but I la-la-love them all so much I just had to share with all you uber fantastic bloggers out there.}
Sit back relax and scroll down my 2009 picture lane!