Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

I am SO excited for the final "Twilight" book to come out on Saturday! I am really really tempted to go wait at Walmart at Midnight Saturday to get the book. I did this when the last Harry Potter Book Came out, and it was Crazy, Mad, Insane, Caos. But if anyone is willing to wait with me....let me know...cause I just might be that in need of some Edward!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flat Tire!

So it seems like we have been having so much car trouble lately. Well today my mom called me and needed me to go down town and pick something up for her, and bring it up to her at Kingsbury Hall later. So Elle and I went and got what she needed and headed up to Kingsbury Hall. Well my Mom wasn't there yet so we went and got us some lunch and waited for her to call. But we decided to get a head start and head over to Kingsbury and wait for her there. Well I heard something on weird going on outside my car, so I pulled over into a subdivision and found out that I did have a flat tire. So I said a little prayer, and wanted to find a service station. A block away from where I was low and behold a service station. Thank Heavens.....right??? WRONG. NOBODY WAS THERE. They had a air pump thing to fill up tires, but you had to turn it on with a key. And there was no way I could keep driving to find something else. SO I decided I would have to change the tire. So here I am in 102 degree weather, with a crying 4 year old who really has to go "potty" and I'm 5 months pregnant...trying to change a tire. So I get everything out, and I'm thinking "somebody will stop and help me." WRONG...NOT A SOUL! I can't believe how many MEN drove into the station where I was (mind you I was right there...where everyone could see I was trying to change a tire myself) and these jerky men...just looked at me and drove away. HELLO ...can't you tell I am all alone..pregnant, and trying to change a tire. Meanwhile I have the instructions spread out on the boiling hot ground...and I am trying to figure this thing out. I start to cry, because I had no idea what I was doing. So I said a little prayer that I would be guided through this. Even though I couldn't help but cry...I figured it all out. I changed the blasted tire MYSELF, took my mom the stuff I had for her, and headed home. We made it home safe....and now I know how to change a tire. I'm still reeling about the whole thing, but I am proud of myself. So to all of you girls who don't know how to change a tire...I am here to say pull your car out of the garage and give it a practice shot. I always thought someone would stop and help, but nobody did. I hope it doesn't happen to you, but if it does....I hope you weren't as dumb as me, and that you actually know ahead of time how to change them on your own!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are having a.......

So I went in for my ultrasound today. The baby looks strong, and healthy. We are so excited about our new addition too. Since before we got pregnant Elle has been asking where her baby sister was, when we got pregnant...all she's been able to talk about is her baby sister. We have asked her what she would do if she was having a baby brother, and she says "no it's a girl". So today she went with to the ultrasound...we figured if it was a boy we would have to prepare her, considering she has been so sure that it is a girl. Well...what can I say...she was RIGHT..we are having a GIRL!! When we told Elle she was having a sister she said "I know, I've told you that." She was right...she did tell us...we are excited for another daughter.

A little "George family trivia"
I have three sisters, no four girls,
my oldest sister has four girls
my older sister has one girl, and one boy.
I will have two girls,
my little sister had one little girl (who passed away) and has another little girl.
That is 13 girls and one boy for one family....I hope someone is having the boys to go with our girls!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Elle is starting something new!

Ever since last August when Elle watched my friend Sarah play the violin, she has talked about it at least three times a week. She has said how much she wants to play the violin. So we have been waiting untill she was old enough to play. Next week Elle turns four and with that she will be starting the Violin. Sarah's mom, Julie will be teaching her, and we are so excited. Today we went and got her violin, and she is thrilled to death she can't wait to show everybody she knows her new "biolin" as Elle says. It is the cutest little instrument I have ever seen in my life. The pictures don't do it justice, because you really can't tell how tiny it is, but believe is TINY.