Saturday, October 31, 2009

Canning 101

Last year when I announced that I have a L-O-V-E for canning many of you said..."TEACH ME!"

So here is my fabulously amazing Canning 101 class.

Todays Topic is Tomatoes (yes I know a few out there don't like them *cough*Sarah)
First harvest your crop (or buy them...whateves)

In a LOVE-R-LY pot bring water to BOIL....
Reduce Heat
After water is boiling drop in as many as you like of the red little orbs aka tomatoes or for Sarah..devils fruit into the pan water.. Allow to blanche for 1 to 2 minutes (you do not want to cook them...just get them blanched)

Take out of Pan....(Careful the little suckers are hot)
Peel the little Heaven Fruit....this is rather easy after they have been blanched the skin peels right off. {oh and this is the fun part}

In clean bottles put your tomatoes.. Now you can leave them whole if you like...I quarter mine...or you can half them....or eighth them......Fill up bottles!

Now once you have the bottles filled you will want to run a knife down the sides of the bottles to release any air pockets.

Wipe clean the top of the Jars.....put on lids and rings.

In a canner (I have no clue where to get one...I have my mommas old one.) Put your jars (make sure you have a rack in the bottom because you cannot have the jars sitting directly on the bottom) Fill Canner with water just so the jars are covered. Allow water to come to a boil. After the water is brought to a boil allow to process for 30 minutes.
Take Jars out of canner after 30 minutes and allow to cool. You will be tempted to touch the tops of the jars..don't. Let them cool. You may hear "POPPING" that is the jars sealing. When the Jars are 100% cool tap the lids they should have sealed ....fallen tight. did it!
{if you have any more questions that I might be able to answer.....leave me a comment...or just validate me and my awesomeness!}

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tender Moment!

A couple weeks ago I caught this moment between my girls. My girls had just woken up, and Elle wanted to watch a cartoon and hold her sister. I adore how Ava is looking up at her sister with such awe and admiration. Elle is seriously an amazing sister....and as you can tell Ava thinks so too.

Dad Update!

Prayers Work!
My Daddy gets to come home WITHOUT surgery! It is seriously nothing short of a miracle! Thank You all those who sent up a few prayers for him!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My sweet Daddy!

I love my Dad!

My Dad has been in the Hospital with some complications. 15 years ago he was involved in an accident where a horse rolled over top of him and literally crushed him. He was life flighted to the University of Utah Hospital where he underwent MAJOR surgery. A few years passed and he had to go back in for surgery to clean up scar tissue. A few years after that he was made Bishop, and has had no complications since. It is amazing how the Lord Blesses Bishops. Well he has started having complications again, and so he has been in the Hospital for a few days now. We aren't sure if they are going to have to perform surgery, and we are really hoping they don't. The Doctor said that it would be very long, and intense, and it isn't a surgery he wants to even do. So we are sending up our prayers, hoping that he can come home soon without surgery.

My Dad is seriously the most amazing man. I just adore him. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for anyone. I am so blessed to have him as my Father.

{this picture is so funny because this is the week following his release as a Ward Halloween party....let me tell was the most Heck-a-funny moment!}

{Momma, and Dad.....when my mom was Mrs Utah Globe}

{Me and my Dad at my Baptism Luncheon....don't ask me why I am wearing red....I really liked the dress...and I wanted to wear it..okay?!}

{Just before my Dad Gave me the dunk!}

{Papa..holding Ava for the first time!}

{He is so sweet!...I just love him!}

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Frolic

I love Fall....and I love my here's a few pHoTos of my little goats!

Friday, October 23, 2009

You want me to update?

I seriously feel like I don't have any time to update this here fabu-tastic blog...nor the will. For real...I've been kinda blue lately.........and just can't get out of the slump. BUT I will update as soon as I catch up on my LAUNDRY {ahhhh the death of me} that could be like a year *(I will not let that happen.....I will update even if I am naked)*

Stay tuned for these posts
*Witches Night Out
*Kandis becomes Crafty
*Betty Crocker Invades my Kitchen
and much more of my AWESOMENESS!