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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

R.I.P Naughty Monkey

Friday I fell down my garage steps with my beloved Naughty Monkey.  
I should have been more careful.
Oh how I will miss your boldness and your spunk.
I felt good when I was with you...even a little taller.
Good Bye My Friend...off to 
Shoe Heaven You Go!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kindness from a friend!

With Dave gone for business, and one princess sick with sinus and ear infections and another princess sick with RSV I am slightly overwhelmed.  So I walked over to my parents to visit for an a few minutes to come home to find that someone had left a gift card for take-out in my door...with no name on it.
A few minutes later I got a text from a very dear and special friend saying "I left you dinner in your door, It sounds like you could use it today."
She made my day and brought me to tears!
Love you! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Early Egg Hunt

Every year my cute hubbys family has an Easter Egg Hunt.  This year we did it a little early so everyone could be in attendance! 
I snapped a few pictures


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Utah's Junior Miss

My hubby's sweet cousin Meredith is so talented and stunning! Last Year she was Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen and placed in the Top Ten at Miss America's Outstanding Teen, and she was just recently named Utah's Junior Miss.  Meredith won overall in every category: Interview, Fitness, Self Expression (kinda like gown/onstage question), and Talent...as well as she got first runner up in scholastic. 
Last Year Elle was her Little Miss when she won Utah's Outstanding Teen.  So this year Elle was so excited to watch  her compete.  She kept saying "I hope Meredith wins!"  And when she won she said "Meredith 'winned'..and she 'winned' everything!"  We are so happy for Mere, and we know she is going to represent Utah so well at America's Junior Miss this June!
P.S don't mind my orphan looking child...hair messy..shoe unbuckled.  This was one long pageant.  I think this picture was taken about between 11:00 and 11:30 P.M!!


Dear Lizzie

A week or so ago I took my princesses down to Dear Lizzie in Highland.  If you haven't been you should go.  It's this quant little shop with this super cute bistro.  I made sure to take my camera and I snapped a few shots of my girls while eating cupcakes and drinking the DIZZIE LIZZIE!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beauty on a Budget

I was talking to my S.I.L the other day and she was asking me what department store cosmetic brands have  sister brands in drug stores.  So I decided that I will share some budget beauty tips with you.

So you all know HOW much I LOVE DiorShow Mascara right?  I most likely will never use anything else other then DiorShow because I love it that much, but I did find one mascara that is really comparable to DiorShow.  Ready for it?
  It is CoverGirls Lash Blast Mascara.  I must admit that it really does almost the same thing as DiorShow, with the exception of a slight bit of flaking.  But if you can handle a little flake, consider this mascara.  It lengthens and thickens almost as good as DiorShow.  Would you like to know the moolah you will save?  DiorShow is about $25.00 with tax.  Lash Blast ranges (depending on the store) from $6.00-10.00 and sometimes you can even find a coupon.  
Again Lash Blast is a fabulous alternative to DiorShow!

When I worked for Clinique I learned this....Lancome is the same as L'Oreal. For real!  Many of Lancomes Products comes out first as a L'Oreal product for "test marketing" at a fraction of a price.  The only difference is in the name of the product and some fragrances.   
I know it is really hard to pick a foundation or powder color from a drugstore wall because it may not match and you can't take it back like you can at a department store...so here is my tip:
Go to a department store (I suggest Nordstroms because they will do this for you.)  and to the Lancome counter.  Ask if you can be matched with a foundation color, and "type" of foundation.  Once you have been matched ask if you can have a sample made up, because you would like to try it before you buy it.  (reminder...you're not lying...you may end up buying the Lancome foundation) after they have made you a small sample you now have a color that you can compare to at the drug store. (remember you can't open the packages at the store, so take the sample with you and hold each product both the Lancome and L'Oreal next to each other.)  VIOLA!
The Eye Shadows from L'Oreal are nearly the same shades from Lancome as well.

Another brand that is owned by a department store company is Jane Cosmetics.  They are owned by the Estee Lauder Company which also owns Clinique.  

I also noticed at Walmart the other day that they NOW carry 
Hard Candy Cosmetics.  Hard Candy used to be only in Departments stores then was dropped and moved to Sephoras... and now is at Walmart.  I still believe that the quality of Hard Candy is the same as it was when it was in Nordstroms.  
Hard Candy is great for funky colors and nail polishes.  I would compare the colors of Hard Candy to MAC colors (maybe not as pigmented...but still a great selection and pretty bold.) 

One more BIG beauty tip is DON'T use the little wands they give you in your eyeshadows and blushes. Purchase good brushes...the brushes will even make your inexpensive cosmetics look like a million bucks...and you will be saving a million bucks!

Now go out...explore the drugstore...let me know what find!

Stay Beautiful

P.S.  I just found out that Sephora is finally coming to Utah!  Fashion Place Mall June 4, 2010 and you can bet I'll be there!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Can You Feel The Love?

I never allowed anonymous comments on my blog and a while ago I was messing around with the settings and decided to allow those incognito comments on my blog.  BAD DECISION!  So now that setting is changed.
I deleted the comment but not before I got a nice copy of what was said.

This is what was said
"you call your blog my seriously amazing life, you are so full of yourself. you always thought your life was so much better then everyone elses and you were so much cooler then everyone else.  well news flash you were never that cool and you still aren't. you are so (insert naughty four letter word here) full of yourself.  nobody cares about your life or you. you were never amazing and you still aren't!"

WOWZA kind words huh?

So this is what I would like to say to anonymous

Dear Lame-o McGee,
If you don't like my blog, and my life why do you feel the need to read it?  I am assuming we went to school together or danced together cause that is my only past....so since I have been out of school for a long time and I haven't danced for years I am assuming you still have a lot of growing up to do.  So how about this, instead of worrying about my seriously amazing life...how about you get one of your own.  When you criticize someone...how about you get the balls to say who really you are.
That's all!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So Sweet...Best Buddies!

I am blessed to have as my back yard neighbors my little sister!  Her daughter is a year younger then my Elle, but you would never guess it!  Elle and Lexi are BEST FRIENDS...if you ask them they 
say "Best Buddies".  They act more like sisters then not!  
Well Alexa does pageants and there is a category for Best Friends in the Photogenic portion.  So my sis asked if I would take some pictures of these two little rug-rats! Of course I said yes! 
So here a some of my favorites!


A Facebook Ad

So you know how facebook has ads that are targeted to you personally? Well today this is what an ad said
"Want a Government job?......We even accept Mormons"
Thanks for that one Facebook.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Jake....You're Lame!

I don't know why I get so invested in the Bachelor every season...but I do! And every time I say "I am watching for the pure enjoyment" but by the end I have lamely felt like I've developed a relationship with these people...and that is so retarded I know...but it's true!  Maybe it's because I have given 20 hours or so of my life watching this once again disappointing show. {Big Sigh}  
Needless to say I had my favorites!  I really liked Gia.  There was something so sweet about her and she really is perfectly pretty...I wish she would have been the Bachelorette instead of Ali.  Ali?? I didn't love her.  I think I didn't love her cause she left....and even though she didn't like Vienna {I'm not a fan either} she was really rude...and I thought it made her really ugly.  And my other beef with her is this:  She left Jake because of her job, but now she is going to be the Bachelorette? Isn't that more time away from her job? She's lame! I honestly am glad Jake didn't take her back.  Tenley was another of my favorites and she is the one I wanted Jake to pick.  I love her morals and standards, and how sweet she is.  She just is perfect.  However I am happy for Tenley that she can now find someone who is perfect for her, because if Jake couldn't see how awesome she was...he doesn't deserve her.  Oh and poor Vienna...something about her drives me nuts....maybe it's the horrible extentions and bad dye job..{oh poor girl she needed her roots done in the worst way. I'm glad to see that the "after the rose" show she had her roots done!}  maybe it was her lazy eye...I dunno.  Obviously Jake the Lame saw something in her or he wouldn't have chosen her...but I don't get it.  
I am just glad that I never had to go on a reality dating show to find my perfect match.  
Today I have said I am not watching the Bachelorette...but I know that's a lie....I will watch every second of that Lame show and I will give 20+ hours of my life to the cause of finding Ali's true love only to be disappointed again I'm sure!
Once again Jake is LAME!