Monday, November 29, 2010

It's better to be nice

There is this local photographer whose style I adore.  Her editing is unreal! Really...her work is inspiring.  HOWEVER she is NOT NICE!
I am the kind of person and type of photographer who doesn't mind sharing my locations, tricks, secrets, advice, blah blah blah!  
I had a question I wanted to ask her it was about a location, that many photographers have used I just can't seem to find it.  So I shot her off an email asking her.  A few months passed and she never answered me.  So I emailed her again.  I was really polite and quite complementary.  She replied saying that she wasn't the type of person to give out advice freely, and if I were to pay her to "learn" from her that she would be happy to share some of her tips and "secret" locations.  For real?!  I've had many photographers around the nation contact me asking me how I did certain things and I'm more then happy to share a few helpful tips.  
Like I said this location that I'm talking about I've seen MANY MANY others use it, it's not like it is her own private hideaway.  One day it's gonna come back and bite her in the bum for not being friendly to others in the business.
Anyway...I say it's better to be nice then not nice at all.  After all...Santa is watching! 
{oh and so is Jesus}


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How well do you know my seriously amazing life?

I thought this would be fun!
I have a lot of readers, some who admit they follow...some who follow incognito, some I know follow but don't admit...and some who stumble upon this blog.
With that being said I want to have a little contest to see WHO knows me the best.
The winner will get something.  I don't know what..but something!
(some questions will be multiple choice...others you might just have to know....some answers can be found throughout this blog..others facebook...SOME you won't 
find good luck!)

#1. What is my favorite color?
#2. What is my favorite movie?
       a. Twilight  b. Mary Poppins  c. The Devil Wears Prada  d. The Holiday
#3. I have three sisters, what number am I?
#4. If I were a baked good what would I be?
      a. a brownie  b. a cupcake  c. a cheesecake  d. a cookie
#5. What kind of car do I drive?
#6. What kind of a camera do I shoot with (make only)
#7. How old was I when I got married?
#8. How tall am I?
#9. What is my BIGGEST pet peeve at the Grocery Store?
#10. What color eyes do I have?
#11. If I were an animal what would I be?
#12. I once earned the nickname 'snuts'...where did come from
  a. a evening of eating salty peanuts with friends
  b. a bus ride in Europe
  c. a run in with a crazy french man
  d. a trip to the circus
#13. Senior year of high school I was voted what?
 a. most talkative/loudest mouth
 b. most friendly
 c. most school spirit/school pride
 d. longest legs
#14. What do I like to knit the most?
 a. hats
 b. sweaters
 c. socks
 d. scarves
#15. What kind of mascara do I use now?
#16. Where did we take our kids on our most recent family vacation?
#17. What kind of a cell phone do I use?
#18. What is the household task I HATE the most?
#19. If I could be on any reality tv show...which show would I want to be on?
  a. so you think you can dance
  b. survivor
  c. who wants to be a millionaire
  d. amazing race
#20. I collect what?
 a. coins
 b. yarn
 c. postcards
 d. cookbooks

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dry skin!

I'm at my wits end with my skin!
I really take such good care of my skin I do.  BUT MY HANDS ARE SO DRY!
On my right hand my thumb and pinkie are so dry, cracked and itchy that I think I would rather amputate them then deal with the itchy pain anymore.  It really is bad!
Does anyone know of any good solutions or remedies...besides a knife!
I'm serious it's really really REALLY BAD!
Help out your itchy sister!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ava and her books!

Ava loves books..but this is ridiculous!
I came out of my room to see her sitting at the END of a trail of books.  
I cleaned these up 3 times today!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Stats..holy cow!

So blogger has this cool feature that I didn't know about and I found it last week.
It's the stats feature.
In the last month this blog has had 3,224 hits...WHAT????
I know not that much cool stuff has happened in the last month here...but apparently I'm getting a lot of traffic.
SO I want to know who is looking in.

SO here is what I want to hear from you.
Who are you?
How did you get here?
Where are you from?
What would you like to see me post here on this fabulous life of a blog?

So leave me a comment...I love meeting new people!