Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How well do you know my seriously amazing life?

I thought this would be fun!
I have a lot of readers, some who admit they follow...some who follow incognito, some I know follow but don't admit...and some who stumble upon this blog.
With that being said I want to have a little contest to see WHO knows me the best.
The winner will get something.  I don't know what..but something!
(some questions will be multiple choice...others you might just have to know....some answers can be found throughout this blog..others facebook...SOME you won't 
find good luck!)

#1. What is my favorite color?
#2. What is my favorite movie?
       a. Twilight  b. Mary Poppins  c. The Devil Wears Prada  d. The Holiday
#3. I have three sisters, what number am I?
#4. If I were a baked good what would I be?
      a. a brownie  b. a cupcake  c. a cheesecake  d. a cookie
#5. What kind of car do I drive?
#6. What kind of a camera do I shoot with (make only)
#7. How old was I when I got married?
#8. How tall am I?
#9. What is my BIGGEST pet peeve at the Grocery Store?
#10. What color eyes do I have?
#11. If I were an animal what would I be?
#12. I once earned the nickname 'snuts'...where did come from
  a. a evening of eating salty peanuts with friends
  b. a bus ride in Europe
  c. a run in with a crazy french man
  d. a trip to the circus
#13. Senior year of high school I was voted what?
 a. most talkative/loudest mouth
 b. most friendly
 c. most school spirit/school pride
 d. longest legs
#14. What do I like to knit the most?
 a. hats
 b. sweaters
 c. socks
 d. scarves
#15. What kind of mascara do I use now?
#16. Where did we take our kids on our most recent family vacation?
#17. What kind of a cell phone do I use?
#18. What is the household task I HATE the most?
#19. If I could be on any reality tv show...which show would I want to be on?
  a. so you think you can dance
  b. survivor
  c. who wants to be a millionaire
  d. amazing race
#20. I collect what?
 a. coins
 b. yarn
 c. postcards
 d. cookbooks

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