Monday, November 29, 2010

It's better to be nice

There is this local photographer whose style I adore.  Her editing is unreal! Really...her work is inspiring.  HOWEVER she is NOT NICE!
I am the kind of person and type of photographer who doesn't mind sharing my locations, tricks, secrets, advice, blah blah blah!  
I had a question I wanted to ask her it was about a location, that many photographers have used I just can't seem to find it.  So I shot her off an email asking her.  A few months passed and she never answered me.  So I emailed her again.  I was really polite and quite complementary.  She replied saying that she wasn't the type of person to give out advice freely, and if I were to pay her to "learn" from her that she would be happy to share some of her tips and "secret" locations.  For real?!  I've had many photographers around the nation contact me asking me how I did certain things and I'm more then happy to share a few helpful tips.  
Like I said this location that I'm talking about I've seen MANY MANY others use it, it's not like it is her own private hideaway.  One day it's gonna come back and bite her in the bum for not being friendly to others in the business.
Anyway...I say it's better to be nice then not nice at all.  After all...Santa is watching! 
{oh and so is Jesus}



Tiffany said...

"oh so is Jesus" LMBO!!! You are just a kind, nice person, and I think you are fantastic!!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

This is like people not sharing their recipes too! I hate that! It's as if they are entitled to it, even though we will eventually figure out how to make it, or in your case, where it's located. They would just save us some time!