Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who are you...and what are you doing here? I have wondered a lot about the blog onlookers that I have. So I am asking you to let me know who you are. Yes some of you I know look at my blog..but others I don't. And what if I want to stalk you too?!
So leave me a comment...even if I don't know you.
Thanks for wanting to spy on our life...I might be spying on yours!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I am the worst blogger ever!

So Sorry Friends....I am considering myself the worst blogger ever!
I don't understand why I am so horrible at this, it is just something that happens.
I check everyone's blogs ALL the time...every day...all the time. And really I hate when you don't update your blog. So I completly understand you being upset with me.
So I will promise to you today..that I will at least update once a week.

So here goes my pledge to be a better blogger.

I Kandis (and Dave...although he does no blogging) do promise to all my blog stalking friends, that I will make a honest effort to post at least one post a week on this here friendly all those people who are nosey like me can feel included in my not so exciting life.
(That was one long run-on)

That's all for today! (or right now at least...Hey I might suprise you all and post another one today..hahahaha)

Monday, May 12, 2008

We paid, and tried, and paid and tried some more....then we just PRAYED!

Since Elle was six months old we stared trying to have another baby..knowing that we would have a hard time getting pregnant.
We started fertility treatments again...and then had to be sent to a fertility specialist. After tests and more treatments...the doctor said that there was no way we would get pregnant with out doing injections (this is about 2000 per try and a 16%chance we would get pregnant.) At this time he suggested that we might want to start in-vitro. Mind you this is 10,000 dollars per try and only about a 50% chance of getting pregnant. We were really sad. Dave and I decided that we would start the adoption process. After much prayer we felt this was the right way to go. The week that we were going to be getting our finances for adoption we found out WE ARE PREGNANT! We can't believe it. We are so excited as you can imagine. We are about 9 weeks we are due December 17th. Elle is so excited to be a sister. It has been along time coming. We feel so blessed. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers on our behalf.