Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elle my little Violinist!

Elle loves to play her violin...even though she so far only knows one little diddy..but she is so DARN CUTE AT IT!
Elle loves her teacher, and looks forward to going to lessons.

We had some pictures taken of her with her violin in a outfit that Dave's Mom wants all the grand-daughters picture taken in. (She has an outfit like this for boys too).

Here are a few of my favorites!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The grass isn't always greener!

I hate the old Cliche "the grass looks greener on the other side".

Over the last several months Dave and I have noticed changes going on in others lives. People who we care about deeply, who we love. Many times we have commented on the changes by saying "I wish they could see what is happening to them", or "they are going to do something that is going to really rock their world." Things like this. But knowing things aren't our business we didn't intrude or say anything to them. We just had the impression that we needed to continue to be the example. We decided that we would invite them to church even though we knew they would say no. We wanted to be the kind of people that they would look at and say "kandis and dave go to church, keep the commandments, and look they still have so much fun....." But they never said that. Instead their lives were clouded by the world, by the parties, by the new friends. Slowly we watched as the Light of Christ was taken from them. We watched as Satan's grasp take hold little by little. And all the while we stood back and didn't say anything. I feel that I gave Satan a little power by standing back and watching him destroy them.

It is hard to watch as things have unfolded and us being able to see that the grass that they have been looking for is AstroTurf. I wish I could be strong enough for them, I wish I could change hearts, and minds. I wish that I would have said all the things that I wanted to say when I saw the changes happening. I feel like it is harder then watching someone physically die, instead I've watched a spiritual death. And I pray that God is more merciful then I can even imagine, because eternity without ALL my friends and family I can't even begin to imagine.

So remember sometimes when the grass looks greener on the other side it is not. Many times there are horrible weeds, ugly bugs, lots of dead spots, or it is just plain AstroTurf

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toliet Thief!

So yesterday I stopped to pick up some lunch for Elle at Arctic Circle (she loves their fry sauce). I was the only one in the drive up when the lady had just handed me her food. I looked out my rear view mirror and to my surprise I saw a man BOLT out of the bathroom (you can only get to the bathroom there via outside) and start running....he was carrying the toilet...water splashing out of the top....wearing gloves and running down the parking lot. I was in shock and I started laughing. I should have told the people at Arctic Circle that someone was stealing their toilet, but they probably would have thought I was crazy. Nope I'm not the crazy one..the man who decided to steal a nasty public toilet is the crazy one! I needed the laugh yesterday...it sure was funny!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I went to the Oprah Show!! (and that's no joke)

Three weeks ago my mom was told some information on when the "call in" was for Oprah tickets. So that morning she sat on the phone all day long and called and called and called. It was busy all day, finally it rang! She was able to get her, me and my three sisters tickets to go and see OPRAH! We were so excited. The filming date that we were given was September 11th. We decided that we would leave Salt Lake on September 10th, and stay until Saturday September 13th. On Wednesday September 10th a family problem came up, and one of my sisters and my Mom wasn't able to go. So my Aunt Anna my moms sister went with us, and me and two of my other sisters. Even though our minds were back home half the time we had a great time.
Going to Oprah on Thursday was such a dream. We were so excited as we were standing in line. Because I'm pregnant I was given a little bit of special treatment, and that made me feel down right special. The Harpo Staff was so friendly and kind. It was so surreal walking into the studio and seeing what we see on t.v. It was a lot smaller then it looks on t.v. but still amazing. The whole audiance was so excited to be there, and nobody could help but wonder if this would be her "favorite things show". When the producers of this specific show came out...we were told the subject. There was an audiable gasp in the studio. It was NOT a topic that anyone wanted to be there for. They explained to us that this is the MOST important show that Oprah feels that she can do RIGHT now.
Would you like to know what the show was on?

It was on the most disgusting subject of Child Prediators. The most disturbing was that hey talked about how these preditors are people that WE know. People that WE trust. People that our children trusts, and people who seem to be the really GOOD people. These aren't strangers on the street...these are people we know such as our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, best friends, next door neighbors. People who you feel are "Safe" people. Now I'm not saying go around and accuse your loved ones of this, but we need to be careful with our children. When I first thought of child preditors I thought that they went for children ages about 8 and up..NO they are rapeing and molesting children as young as NEWBORN. Babies as new as days old with their cords still in. This is the disgusting and brutal truth. This is so horrible. Oprah was so upset by this, in fact after the show was taped, she called these people who does this some very choice names which I won't say.

The show will be airing on Monday September 15th. I am asking everyone of you to watch this show. If you have children who can understand the T.V DON'T watch it with them, but watch it with them in mind..that we HAVE to protect our children. It is happeing to children we know, but we would never know it's happening. At the end of the show Oprah will tell you about a bill that is on the Senate floor right now, this bill is to allow more money to catch these people. There are senators holding this bill up, and this bill is a good thing. WE need to pass this BILL. After you watch the show do what she says. GO to Oprah.com and find YOUR senators, there are prewritten letters you can send and email them about voting YES for this bill. WE need to do this for our children. It is SO important! Please do this. If you are not going to be home to watch the show, record it! I don't care how..but DO IT!
They showed us something that will not be shown on t.v because it is too grafic, and believe me it was the most horrible thing I've ever seen in my life, and that is the truth.

Although the subject matter was grim, and we all cried it was amazing to be there. Oprah is just as sincer in person as she is on the t.v. She looks amazing! I am so grateful for the chance that I had to go.

Remember to watch on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 15th..you will be ready to go to work to stop this horrid epidemic..I know I am!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ode to Grandma Syme!

I love my Great Grandma Syme, although she passed away in 1996 she still has a special place in my heart. Grandma was known for her kindness, and love. She never said a bad thing word about anyone. She had a keen knack for being able to take nothing and make something great. Grandma knew how to preserve and can just about anything. This she taught to my Mom. Growing up I remember me and my sisters helping Mom can her own fruits and veggies. It was just a part of summer and fall. I remember my Mom always saying that not many people know how to can now a days, and it truely is a lost art. She felt it was important that we had a basic knowledge of this. Since I've been married I have still helped my Mom with her canning, but I have never done any myself. UNTILL NOW! Over the last two nights I have been trying my hand at the legacy that Grandma left me.
My first two projects have turned out great, and I am so proud of them.
So I made Peach Jam, and Tomato Salsa.
It's so exciting! I can't wait to do Pickles when my cucmbers are ready and I am going to do spiced apples in a few weeks!
So needless to say I am grateful for Grandma Syme and her knowledge that she gave my Mom, and my Mom gave to me, and I will give to my girls.