Friday, January 14, 2011

One HUGE egg!

We have chickens right?
Well we haven't been getting eggs for awhile because some dogs got in and killed 90% of our chickens (SAD RIGHT?) But we still had some.  But they were scared to death so we haven't gotten any eggs for a long while.  Right before Christmas they started laying again.  I love our eggs...they simply taste better!

Anyway one of hens likes to lay ginormous eggs (ginormous...doesn't that remind you of Elf?).
This egg was more then DOUBLE the size of the other eggs. (The white eggs are store bought.)

I thought this would be a good picture.

This Egg is telling us it's okay to stand out in a crowd...and telling us to 
Way to go EGG!

{Yes it was a double yolker!}


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blogging Bummer

I know friends I haven't personally blogged for sometime.  I'm sorry about that.
This is why.

Whenever I have a fun post or something silly to blog about, or even one of my infamous pet peeves it seems I get hate mail.  Okay not mail, but hate comments.  So I just simply have stopped blogging.  I know those meanies have kinda won, right?!  

I just don't have the strength to deal with the bashing comments I get whenever I do a I've been keeping it all simple.

Even the post about my baby picture and Ava and how we look alike, someone said "Bummer!"
(no I don't know who said it.)  

I know I can moderate the comments, but even if I moderate them I still see them and it makes me sad.

So that is why I haven't been blogging much.


Monday, January 3, 2011

What do you buy?

I had to go grocery shopping today....for was a chore.  Why? Because I haven't been really shopping since before Christmas so I was in need of a bunch of stuff....and none of it was fun stuff.
Anyway as I was checking out I noticed the lady in front of me and I kinda had to chuckle at the things she was buying...what she bought that was generic brand...and what she bought that was name brand.   For example so had generic shampoo....but name body wash. (this could be because of the price...but still.)  She had generic cans of soup...but name brand cans of vegetables. 

So this all got me thinking...there is stuff that I don't care if I have the generic, or the no name...but there are things...that I must have the real deal.
For example.  Mac and Cheese.  It HAS to be the real blue box.  KRAFT only.

So what do you HAVE to buy that is name brand and not generic....or does it NEVER matter?


Candy Houses

I've kinda been in a little bit of a blogging slump.  I think it's because I have SOOOO many pictures and not enough time to get them on here.  Anyway...I promise to do better.

Soo going back to December.  My husbands family has a tradition that they make candy houses every December.  This is an extended family thing....needless to say the house we do them out is getting WAY to small for so many of us.  However my little goats loved it.