Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It has gotten out of CONTROL!

Okay friends...I have this little tiny..tinsy HUGE...problem. Now I know this problem can be fixed...I just don't have the will power...I think I need serious help.

LAUNDRY! I can't tell you how much I hate doing the laundry! I hate sorting, washing, folding, putting away...I HATE LAUNDRY. But here is the bigger problem...I LOVE SHOPPING, and I love clothes. Therefore I have BOAT LOADS OF LAUNDRY. This is no joke friends...I mean I could sink the Titanic myself with the massive and embarrassing amounts of laundry I have. I think I should check myself into rehab for this problem. I can't seem to stop buying clothes, and I can't seem to start washing the laundry. Today was the first day I've admitted to myself that I am a shopping whore....and the repercussion of this whoredom is oodles of never ending piles of sevens, rockin republic, laguna, .....denim...cotton...satin....twill...chiffon....knit....wool.....Calvin Klein...Marc Jacobs....even some polyester...yes you name is drawn to me like makeup is drawn to my bathroom. Now I just don't have oodles upon millions upon oodles of millions of clothing items for myself...but for my girls. My girlie's are the best dressed little tots around. I figure if I admit this to the blog stalking world then perhaps I will actually stop this ridiculous renegade of buying and never washing. So today....I took some pictures of just what I am up against.

These here are clean clothes that have been waiting to be folded for weeks on end...and I can't bring myself to do it...I just look at the baskets and want to's so overwhelming.
Now this is piles of laundry waiting to take a spin in the torture chamber. Mind you...this is six separators, and there is a full load in the washer and dryer when this picture was taken.
You might think that the closets in my house are empty...NO WAY..they are still bursting at the seams. So does anyone know of any good rehab centers for those who are trying to recover from this condition?

I'm a Proud Momma!

I must admit that I am one proud momma! I personally think my girls are the most adorable girls in the entire world. I don't really care how cute your girls might be...but mine beats them by a whole lot. Okay so that was mean..but I am mean, but it's how this momma feels bug off!

So here are some recent pictures of the cutest 11 week old baby in the entire world! Feel free to comment on how adorable she is, just to re-affirm what we already know! ( I am pretty sure at this point you are really jaded and calling me some fantastically lovely names!)

Isn't she so cute?! Don't be jealous I am sure your kids are cute too...but pretty sure not as cute as mine. Okay...I'll stop...your kids are way cute happy now?!

Friday, February 20, 2009

This should be an advertisment!

Elle's best friend is Alexa my niece. It is so convenient for them to play because Alexa lives behind us. So needless to say they often take baths together before bedtime because they live so close. I took this picture of them one night....Johnson's and Johnson's should pay me...because this would be a great add. Look at the bubbles on them and everything..PERFECT!
I love these two girls, and so should Johnson's and Johnson's!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pet Peeve #2

I seem to have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to the grocery store. I have to ask does entering a supermarket turn people into rude, inconsiderate jerks? I am usually a very polite person, and I try to be nice to everyone that I come in contact with....BUT PEOPLE....YOU ARE KILLING THIS NICE GAL!

Shopping carts are not meant to be a dune buggy to cut people off with, and take out small children. Shopping carts are not garbage cans and thus you shouldn't leave your nasty trash in my yummy donuts have to mingle with your nasty soda cans, and candy wrappers.
Shopping cart controllers should be required to pass several tests:
  • Merging. Yes when someone is coming off of one isle to the "main-way" maybe heading to another isle you should look around the corner to see if someone is coming. Shopping carts do not have blinkers, and it is up to you to watch for oncoming drivers..and pedestrians.
  • Driving directions. Folks we are not in England...we drive on the right side of the should your cart. Passing is allowed if on coming traffic has passed and it is safe to go.
  • Parking and Stopping. Yes this is important when you are shopping because you do need to stop. HOWEVER, pull your "vehicle" over to the side. Do not hog the road way. If you have small children make them stand to the side as well. If nobody is in the isle with you, that is fine to be in the middle of the road...but if you are sharing the road with other coupon clippers, aspiring chefs, and other food eating participants...they too need to make their way down the isle like runway, and cannot strut their stuff with your rude butt hogging the way.
  • When finished with so called grocery goodie hauler RETURN IT TO THE SHOPPING CORAL! You know the place in the parking lot that says "cart return" it likes like a cattle coral. These friendly things are meant to store shopping dune buggies in. Please don't leave your cart up against somebody's car, or parked behind somebody's car, and don't leave your cart in the middle of a parking I have to get out to move the cart to have a better parking spot. Also don't leave your four wheeled friend somewhere that it can roll away, gain incredible speed and hit my car!

Next time someones cart is in the way I may just ram it.... yes full on bumper cars! Yes I am currently going to school to be the shopping cart I need to show you my badge?

Have a good day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be who you want to be!

For quite sometime I have wanted to create a blog that would be for myself, and for my own journey. I finally stopped being so lazy, and decided to do it. When my family blog goes private this blog will not. However this new blog will not have any pictures of my family on it, nor will it talk about my family you still need to let me know if you want to be added to my blog. This blog will be about things that I love, things that I enjoy. This blog is to help me to become who I want to be! I hope that it reaches out to others helping them to be who they want to become as well.

So put me on the blogs you follow, and spread the word. It should be interesting.

P.S Don't forget to leave me a comment with your email so I can add you to my private list.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I really don't want to...but I'm going to! SAD DAY!

So Dave has been bugging and bugging and bugging put our blog to private. He's a protective daddy! So I guess we are going to do it.
HOWEVER I am not happy with this move. I enjoy all those people who have found me through being public, and I love finding people I know who have blogs too. Honestly I get kinda mad when I want to blog stalk someone and find that their blog is now private...GRRRRRRRRRR. But if I keep putting this off then I am afraid Dave will cut my cosmetic budget, and I can't have that!
SO if you are a friend, a old school mate, a frienemy, a friend of a friend, a relative, a relative of a relative, a friend of a relative, a old teacher, the girl I said hi to at the grocery store, or just like me a blog stalker and you like to read my blog..because I know what that's like and I lOve to read read random blogs....then I am inviting you to continue to read my blog. Leave me a comment, or you email address, or send me your email blogging email is (yes kandie ice is my super hero name!)
Now with this being said...if you don't have a blog and want to read..that is fine...still get me your email address....BUT if you have a PRIVATE blog and have not invited me...but you still want to read about my fantastically wonderful CraZy world...I hope you send an invite to me!
Okay this is going in effect two weeks from NOW!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loves of my life!

I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful little family. Even though things aren't always easy they are so worth it!
First of all my great girls! Elle is so awesome, and so much fun. She is such a big helper, and loves her little sis. Elle is true pink all the time....all girl!

Ava...our miracle! Wow I can't even begin to express how grateful to my Heavenly Father to blessing us with Ava. After we were told that there was noway that we would have anymore children of our own...we got pregnant with Ava. Just in the two short months she has been with us we have been so blessed. We can't wait to see her little personality develop.

And best of all is my cute husband. Dave is so great. Although there is times where I want to push him out of bed...or the car...or out of many other fast moving transportation modes...I LOVE HIM!
He cares so much about me. I love all the corkey things about him. Like how he eats BOAT LOADS of candy and never gains any weight. (And when I say boat loads...that is the truth...really BOAT LOADS) How he starts random conversations, and how he says the words Battery and Anthony. I adore his corse/horse hair..that seems to grow at an astonishing rate...HELLO FRO. I love the way he laughs when he finds something truly funny, and the way he tears up when he is being sensitive. So to you Dave...Thank You for loving me beyond life, for stealing my scale, for emailing michelle, for putting up with ed...for letting me spend obscene amounts of money on skincare and makeup, and clothes, and shoes, and clothes, and makeup...and other stuff that I haven't told you about. Thank You for letting me drag you to chick flicks, and not dragging me to car shows. Thank You for going to work everyday so I get to play dress up with the girls...Thank You for letting me tell you NO so many times...and not getting upset. I am really so blessed and excited to get to spend eternity with you. LOVE YOU!

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pet Peeve

I have a BIG...HUGE pet peeve. I am here to warn all of you offenders of this. Listen up! When standing at the check out line at the grocery store....please please please be courteous..this is how. When you are finished loading all your goods on the check out stand....PUT A DIVIDER DOWN! You know what I mean by divider? The long black rubber thing that sits underneath the mints and gum, that is not meant to beat small children with, but to separate your order from your fellow shopper.
Now I find it completely rude to have your enormous order hogging up the entire space, and the space that isn't filled because you didn't put down the friendly black separator. So either I reach across your bread, tampons, beer, and tomatoes to reach so called order divider, or you help a friend out and when you've finished unloading your treasures you place one down yourself. When you do not help utilize these handy helpers it makes it really inconvenient for me to have to wait for your last item to go through the checkers hand to start to unload my own culinary finds. So let this be a warning to all of you offenders...If you find yourself in front of me at the check out, and have not placed so called black rubber helper at the end of your grocery will find when you get home several packs of mints and gum have mysteriously made their way into your bags. Yes when you check your receipt yes you would have paid an extra 4 dollars for something you didn't want. Yes I am that cruel to throw in some mints, gum, hand sanitizer at the end of your stuff...just for not putting a divider down. So next time you go to the store...think of me! That's all! (Oh I feel better now!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beauty Tools!

So I don't know why, but people ask me all the time what beauty products I use. I like to believe that they ask me because my face looks great...let's hope that is the reason, and not because they want to avoid looking like me. SO I thought I would share a few of my favorite things, in case you've ever wondered...or if you want to avoid ending up looking like me..(oh please let it not be the latter one.I hope people really don't think that.)

My FAVORITE Mascara:
Diorshow Mascara
What it is:
A cult-followed mascara that leaves lashes ultra thick, long, and curled.

What it is formulated to do:
Diorshow Mascara is Dior's original, must-have mascara that delivers ultra-glam, catwalk-length lashes. Makeup artists all over the world use this product to create the longest, thickest, curviest lashes ever.
I will never buy another type of Mascara!

My Favorite Foundation:
Okay so this is a hard one for me because I have tried so many. My favorite one I do not currently use because I can't buy it anywhere however it was amazing. The one I currently use is also great...and I will admit I am starting to fall in love with this foundation, and thinking I'll never use anything else (until summer that is)

My Favorite Lip Gloss
Bare Minerals Buxom
This lip gloss gives your lips a tingly feeling, and plumps your lips as well.
Even with it's super glossy isn't sticky or tacky! LOVE IT!

My Favorite Color is DOLLY

I love the Anastasia kit you can buy at Nordstroms (or Sephora)
It comes with stencils so you get the right shape for you, a powder to fill in your brows, tweezers, and a gel like mascara thingy to seal the color on your brows.
I never realized how important brows were, but they are. I now think of them as the frame of the face. Ladies if you don't do your brows...get them done...and get this kit. Believe me you won't regret it!

And the most asked question is:
"What skincare do you use"
I used to be able to say "Clinique, only Clinique" That is when I worked for Clinique...I can't say that anymore. The truth is...I don't use much Clinique anymore. But I will share with you what I do use.

Face Wash:

philosophy 'purity made simple' one-step facial cleanser.
I've tried a lot of cleansers but never found one I loved. I crave deeply cleansed skin. I want a cleanser that will multi-task for me (eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner).
However even though Purity works as a "toner" I use something else as well.

I still use Clinique Clarifying Lotion. I use a number 4 because I've used it for so long, but don't use a number 4 if you are just beginning to use this product. Talk to the White Coat Clinique Girls, and they will help you decide which one is best for you!

Now my moisturizer of choice is very pricey. However I love love love it! So I will share it with you, along with the one I use when I run out, and can't afford my favorite one.
This moisturizer is great if you have dry skin like me! A little goes a long way, and it smells so great!
Bobbi Brown 'Extra' SPF 25 Moisturizing Balm

And when I run out of "Extra" and can't afford it at the time I use:
philosophy 'hope in a jar' for dry skin
This formula for dry, sensitive skin has been used extensively by physicians throughout the world to assist in the healing process of traumatized skin.
They also have it for regular skin too.

Now you know what I use! I love all my "Beauty Tools". What is your favorite beauty tool or secret?