Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pet Peeve #2

I seem to have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to the grocery store. I have to ask does entering a supermarket turn people into rude, inconsiderate jerks? I am usually a very polite person, and I try to be nice to everyone that I come in contact with....BUT PEOPLE....YOU ARE KILLING THIS NICE GAL!

Shopping carts are not meant to be a dune buggy to cut people off with, and take out small children. Shopping carts are not garbage cans and thus you shouldn't leave your nasty trash in my yummy donuts have to mingle with your nasty soda cans, and candy wrappers.
Shopping cart controllers should be required to pass several tests:
  • Merging. Yes when someone is coming off of one isle to the "main-way" maybe heading to another isle you should look around the corner to see if someone is coming. Shopping carts do not have blinkers, and it is up to you to watch for oncoming drivers..and pedestrians.
  • Driving directions. Folks we are not in England...we drive on the right side of the should your cart. Passing is allowed if on coming traffic has passed and it is safe to go.
  • Parking and Stopping. Yes this is important when you are shopping because you do need to stop. HOWEVER, pull your "vehicle" over to the side. Do not hog the road way. If you have small children make them stand to the side as well. If nobody is in the isle with you, that is fine to be in the middle of the road...but if you are sharing the road with other coupon clippers, aspiring chefs, and other food eating participants...they too need to make their way down the isle like runway, and cannot strut their stuff with your rude butt hogging the way.
  • When finished with so called grocery goodie hauler RETURN IT TO THE SHOPPING CORAL! You know the place in the parking lot that says "cart return" it likes like a cattle coral. These friendly things are meant to store shopping dune buggies in. Please don't leave your cart up against somebody's car, or parked behind somebody's car, and don't leave your cart in the middle of a parking I have to get out to move the cart to have a better parking spot. Also don't leave your four wheeled friend somewhere that it can roll away, gain incredible speed and hit my car!

Next time someones cart is in the way I may just ram it.... yes full on bumper cars! Yes I am currently going to school to be the shopping cart I need to show you my badge?

Have a good day!


Krystal said...

take a deep breath... hold it, hold it... keep holding... exhale s-l-o-w-l-y... and remember, in Mexico, there are no driving rules, so all bets are off at wal-mart... (I too vented about children playing soccer inside wal-mart once, but then realized that the money saved is *sadly* worth the annoyance... and after 3:20 pm I'm good at tuning out children! lol!) I'm sorry for the frustrations...

Aubrey said...

Wow! Where do you shop? Walmart? That's the only place I ever encounter inconsiderate people like that, and that's why I avoid it whenever possible... :) I'm a Ream's girl born & bred!

Hogans Hotties said...

Oh Kandis, you kill me! I love to read your blog, i need to figure out good things to write about! I must say my pet peeve at the store is when i am driving in front of the store and people walk down the MIDDLE of the road like they are a car rather then walking straight across and walking up the side of the road so that cars can get by, totally my fave!!:)

Leah said...

You are so funny Kandis. You make me know that hard laugh that makes your body hurt? Yes! you are making me do that.

Keep the pet peeves coming...I am learning alot of stuff that I need to stop doing. =) hee,hee

great post.