Thursday, January 28, 2010

Should I complain?

Okay friends SO do I have a story for you!

Today me and my goats (kids get it?) Went to the land of much crafting supplies to pick out some stellar fabric for some soooo cute hair clips that I've been making my super cute princesses. (I've actually contemplated selling them....maybe I will....) While waiting in line to have my fab finds cut, I overheard {I wasn't eaves dropping she was talking REALLY loud} the fabric cutting lady...I would at this point like to call her the noise ordinance nazi, say a little something like this.

{First you have to know that in another area of the store, not too far from where we were there was a child having the most awesome tantrum....I seriously wish I could have seen it...but I like I said it wasn't where we were....but we could hear it.}
So Nazi lady says to the lady whom she is helping this.
"Oh my gosh, I think it is the most ridiculous thing to have children screaming, I don't go out until after their nap. Or leave them home with their dad..their part's just so ridiculous"
And she went on and on and on about how having a child in a store that was crying is the most heinous thing ever.
I seriously said {albeit not loud enough} "you have got to be kidding?!"
And then when she started cutting my fabric she kept saying "It's my lunch break...I need someone else over here, I need to go to lunch, I'm missing my lunch" For real lady?! How ridiculous...cut my stinking fabric and go to lunch.....
I am sure your stale PB&J can wait!

So this is why this bothers me....she has no idea what was happening 10 isle over with this child. What if the child fell down, what if the child lost its momma, what if the child pee'd it's pants, what if the child has a mental issue, maybe the child has social anxiety, maybe the momma told the kid no...maybe this kid hasn't had a nap.
But whatever the reason for the tantrum was is that this lady is talking bad about a customer to another customer.
It is completely offensive to me, because I have had a child throw many
beautiful tantrums in public and I try not to make a big deal about it. And sometimes my child has bawled her eyes out because she can't have that new barbie...and she's even had a nap.
Kids are unpredictable..they throw fits...that's what they do. Then to add insult to injury she proceed to complain to me that she needed to leave and go have her lunch. Pretty much painting the picture that her Frito's were more important then helping out a customer. Great Customer service huh?!
So this is where I want all you mommas (and papas) out in blog lands advice. Would you call the store management and tell them about their employee? {yes I got her was on her name tag} I just think a store should know that their employee is painting a bad picture as to how they treat and value their customers. What do you think?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two New Cars, A New Computer, and A Pet Peeve

Besides still not wanting to blog I have felt a little out of sorts...and tired...and still sad.....and not to mention completely overwhelmed with trying to buy two new cars in one weekend. Call us crazy...yes we are so crazy! AND our computer totally went on the fritz and so we broke down and bought a fabu-tastic IMac {M.A. we should so have the girls have a video chat!} So needless to say I have been emotionally and emotionally and EMOTIONALLY and SO EMOTIONALLY exhausted. {so this post will contain NOOOO fabu-photos because I have nor the strength to take any...or patience to figure out this computer....or the desire to download anything....and so I am not.}

So we got a new computer.....Elle especially loves the Photo Booth Feature and has taken a bazillion crazy pictures...and I must say I have one especially awesome photo of myself now.
{I seriously think it's the ugliest photo in existence..}
And I have been trying to get all my fab-photos from my other computers on this one...AND all my rockin tunes too. So that has been enough for me to pull out my hair. {oh by the hair is getting SOOOO long... One day I plan on being Lady Godiva minus the nakedness and the do not want to see this naked bouncing around on a horse....but my hair will be way hot!} So that is the new take on the's awesome, still a change switching from a PC to a Mac....but I think I will be happy with it!

Everyone knows how stressful it can be to buy ONE car right?! Times TWO! AHHHHH it seriously would be enough to make me want to shout...BRING OUT THE LOADED GUNS...{but I may be sad...about sad stuff...and I may be crazy for suggesting to the Hubs to buy two cars...but I am not that sad nor that crazy to really bring out the guns!}
So we decided that if we ever wanted to trade in my car that this was the time because we owed a little less on it then we Owned so if we traded it in now we wouldn't have any negative equity...and if we were to wait then the car would depreciate and we would just wait until the car was paid off. But we really wanted a bigger and safer car now so that was the reason as to why. SOOOOO we started the search. Meanwhile the Hubs decided to sell his macho truck {scoffs} so we were down to one car and that wasn't working for us...SO we decided we needed to buy another vehicle.
In the end worked out so good because even with getting me a bigger car and a slightly bigger car payment, both of the cars are safer then our old cars and so the insurance dropped like a bazillion dollars so it makes it that we will only be paying $30.00 more a month how cool is that?!
So are you dying to know what we got?
The Mister bought me a Honda Pilot...and let me tell is so nice to have a bigger car...I was driving a Ford Focus and let me tell you it's not a family car. I especially love the after market navigation. Never will I get lost again!
And for the Bread Winner he bought himself a BMW 330I. It's sweet! I'll post pictures one day.

Now for the moment you all have been dying to hear....what is my next Pet Peeve?!
For real it is a nasty one.....and it makes me want to vomit.
Okay Friends, Fam, Frienemies, Naysayers, Onlookers, Stalkers, Friends of Friends, Frienemies of Friends, Frienemies of Frienemies....old bf's and old bffs and old bfs of old bffs and all others out there in the wide world of bloggness-ness.....
There is nothing more disgusting then going into a public restroom and seeing someone elses pee and poop chillin out...screaming..."My maker is a Nasty Poop Machine".
It really isn't that hard friends....seriously...I don't even care if you don't wipe it's your underpants...but PLEASE FLUSH. I do not want me or my cutie kidlets assaulted by your nasty-ness!
Now maybe you don't flush because you don't want to touch the handle....because yes I understand that there is a ton of butt germs on that thing....I don't like touching the handle either. SO do as I do. Use your foot. I am serious lift up your leg and push the handle down with your cute shoes...or ugly shoes.....I don't care.....what your foot attire is....this is a great way to avoid butt germs on your hand. But please flush the natural human must do down the potty...cause it's nasty.
SECOND...if you happen to enter into said nasty stall and notice someone was in fact in violation of in proper pooping a good person and kick up that Jimmy Choo flush it down. I understand the need to want to turn around and wait for another vacant which I still do if I have helped out a fellow pooper. This is what I do because I understand the vile memory of just seeing someone elses ca-ca-ness and not being able to use that potty. So I quickly find the handle with said foot....and flush it down...then I LEAVE that nasty zone...and enter another stall.
SO to all the Blogging world out there... if I ever find out you are indeed guilty of non-flushing your are blacklisted in my not so important book!

That's all!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{big sigh}

I arrived here at this normally fantastic blog prepared to blog something so spectacular...but I am still so sad.
Maybe tomorrow...or not.
And a big squeeze to the four friends who still reads this used to be fabulous now lame blog.
Still to bummed to say XOXO

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too bummed to blog!

The title says it all. Sorry I haven't blogged for a while.
Maybe tomorrow...maybe next week. How does next year sound?
Not that anyone reads my blog anymore since I moved it.......
I might blog again...when I'm not so blue.
:( super frowny!
I would say
XOXO but I'm to sad for that too.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A 2010 resolve!

In 2010 I resolve to leave more comments to my blogging friends. I will try to post a comment everytime I read a fabu-tastic..or lame let's pray I don't become lazy!