Thursday, January 28, 2010

Should I complain?

Okay friends SO do I have a story for you!

Today me and my goats (kids get it?) Went to the land of much crafting supplies to pick out some stellar fabric for some soooo cute hair clips that I've been making my super cute princesses. (I've actually contemplated selling them....maybe I will....) While waiting in line to have my fab finds cut, I overheard {I wasn't eaves dropping she was talking REALLY loud} the fabric cutting lady...I would at this point like to call her the noise ordinance nazi, say a little something like this.

{First you have to know that in another area of the store, not too far from where we were there was a child having the most awesome tantrum....I seriously wish I could have seen it...but I like I said it wasn't where we were....but we could hear it.}
So Nazi lady says to the lady whom she is helping this.
"Oh my gosh, I think it is the most ridiculous thing to have children screaming, I don't go out until after their nap. Or leave them home with their dad..their part's just so ridiculous"
And she went on and on and on about how having a child in a store that was crying is the most heinous thing ever.
I seriously said {albeit not loud enough} "you have got to be kidding?!"
And then when she started cutting my fabric she kept saying "It's my lunch break...I need someone else over here, I need to go to lunch, I'm missing my lunch" For real lady?! How ridiculous...cut my stinking fabric and go to lunch.....
I am sure your stale PB&J can wait!

So this is why this bothers me....she has no idea what was happening 10 isle over with this child. What if the child fell down, what if the child lost its momma, what if the child pee'd it's pants, what if the child has a mental issue, maybe the child has social anxiety, maybe the momma told the kid no...maybe this kid hasn't had a nap.
But whatever the reason for the tantrum was is that this lady is talking bad about a customer to another customer.
It is completely offensive to me, because I have had a child throw many
beautiful tantrums in public and I try not to make a big deal about it. And sometimes my child has bawled her eyes out because she can't have that new barbie...and she's even had a nap.
Kids are unpredictable..they throw fits...that's what they do. Then to add insult to injury she proceed to complain to me that she needed to leave and go have her lunch. Pretty much painting the picture that her Frito's were more important then helping out a customer. Great Customer service huh?!
So this is where I want all you mommas (and papas) out in blog lands advice. Would you call the store management and tell them about their employee? {yes I got her was on her name tag} I just think a store should know that their employee is painting a bad picture as to how they treat and value their customers. What do you think?




I never understand how people can act like that because only a mom with kids would truly understand that it is like 100 times harder on the poor mom dealing with the crying child in public then you the silly worker having to listen to it!!!

Nay Family said...

I don't get people like that either. She must not be a mom,which is probably a good thing. She sounds horrible!!

Tina said...

She must not have children. If she does I feel bad for her poor children. Especially because she had no idea why the child was crying.
I don't think it is a bad idea to complain.

Amanda said...

I would call and complain. She was very rude to you by going on and on about how she was missing her lunch. I would've told her that it was her own fault for missing her lunch because she was spending so much time bitch'n about people and their kids.

Ashley Barnum said...

I would definitely call. I'm sure management wouldn't approve of her behavior, but they're not the ones seeing it. You should definitely let them know that they've got a troll working for them. =)

jaimieneb said...

I would call as well. Especially because I'm sure it's not the first time that she has acted like that toward customers and it certainly won't be the last. If she doesn't like being around people she shouldn't be working in retail! (I bet we could find a whole handful of people who would gladly take her place :)

Shanny said...

Amen!!! Kids are kids, adults should know better.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Just goes to show that you should never judge anyone until you've walked a mile in their shows. And that's pretty much impossible. So just don't judge! If I were a manager, I would want to know what my employees were doing, so I would call. If you think that's mean, next time you are out and you get great service, ask for their manager and tell the manager how wonderfully you were treated. That'll even it out for ya!

The Boys & Nat said...

Did this experience take place at JoAnn's? Because there are some RONCHY women there too. How tacky and rude! I think you should definitely call. Kids totally are unpredictable. It can be perfect circumstances and they'll STILL throw tantrum and wreck havoc! I just can't believe some people are so openly inconsiderate. And about her lunch??? Unbelievable!

Dustin and Erika said...

Golly. It was probably Lillie!! J/k. Lil has tantrums constantly. Whatever, she's a loooooooooooser.