About Queen Kandis

I am a hip Mormon wife and momma of one hubby, two princesses and one doggie.
I enjoy all things girly and fabulous.  
I constantly laugh at myself and seriously find myself hecka funny!  
I have a keen love for knitting, crafting, and cooking.
My life is filled with makeup and shoes, and handbags, and dresses, and cupcakes, and sparkles, and glitter, and fru fru-ness of all sorts.  
I work hard every day and enjoy the payment of kisses and hugs when the day is done.
I find joy in friendships and consider myself extremely loyal.
I am extremely social and enjoy the company of others.
Although as social as I may be I enjoy the company of myself and my own thoughts.
I love dance and spent my entire childhood and teenage years dancing.
I've traveled extensively dancing.
When I'm in the car alone I sing really loud and pretend I'm on American Idol.
I've never tried drugs, or alcohol, and I've never smoked a cigarette.  
We built a house next to my parents, and we LOVE it.
I enjoy fishing.
I adore traveling.
I hate yogurt!
I love citrus!
I am a self taught photographer.
I want to be a motivational speaker.
I judge clogging competitions and secretly pretend I can still dance like I used too.
I love my parents.
I have great in-laws.
I wish I had better relationships with my hubs fam.
I collect cookbooks.
I was forced by a friend to seek treatment for an long battle with an eating disorder.
I was mad.
Now I owe that friend my life.
I served for many years in the Young Women's Organization
 for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
It was my favorite calling ever!
I miss them.
I hate that my 8 year old goes to school.
I miss her when she's gone.
My 3 year old is the funniest kid ever! SERIOUSLY!
I love my hubby!
He asked me to marry him before he even told his family we were "serious".
They were happy for us.
We once let some friends move into our basement.
We made a pact we would always remain friends.
We are no longer friends.
I am sure they hate us.
We are sad about that.
I cry a lot.
When I'm happy, and Sad, when i'm mad, or even when I think about things that could be sad.
I dance in the shower.
I'm sure one day I will fall and die.
I can't wait for eternity.
I love the Temple.
If I were an animal I'd be a monkey.
My favorite Color is Pink.
I love my Savior Jesus Christ.