Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What 7 years has done! (Caution this is a long post...hey it was 7 years worth of stuff!)

For you blogging pleasure...I have decided to share with you what we have done in our 7 years of being married.

(this should be intresting)
June 9th 2001
We were married at 8:20 in the morning (I know...and I would like to say sorry to all of you who got up so early to be there with us..we suck I know)
It was a great day!
We honeymooned to Las Vegas. We had a good time.
We made our home in Magna in a GETTO apartment....(sometimes we were even scared a little)
We made some really good friends this year! The Noels to be specific!

We traveled to Las Vegas a lot because it was cheap (thanks mom and dad for letting us use your condo all the time.)

We went boating a lot....snowmobiling a lot...and enjoyed our time together having no money.
Although we had no money we seemed to get away a lot, and we are still not sure how we managed that.

In 2002 we went to Vegas a lot twice with the Suckoski's (hey guys do you remember that time we left for vegas...and Dave told my boss I ate some bad meat? ha!)

I was a voluenteer for the 2002 Olympics. (Opening and Closing Ceremonies)

I think in 2002 Dave had a million jobs (okay maybe ont a million but it seemed like it.)

In 2003
Dave and I still made time to travel to Vegas (hey it was cheap for us.)
I went to Europe for 4 weeks with Dance. We went to Poland and Germany. I had the most amazing time, although I missed Dave so much it was a defining moment in my life.

Late 2003 we found out we were going to have a baby, and we dug our hole for our house.

In 2004 We finished our House (okay so this photo our house isn't finished yet..but you get the picture.)

July 10th 2004 we had our daughter Elle Makena

In Feb. 2005 Dave and I went on a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riveria. Elle stayed home and spent time with both of her Grandmas.
In June 2005 My mom, my sister Jolyn, me and Elle went to San Fransico for 4 days.
In Nov. 2005 we went on a 7 day cruise with my family to the Carribean. Elle stayed with her Grandma Broadhead

In June 2006 We took Elle to Disneyworld. My parents went with. While we were gone we found out that Daves Grandma Gessel passed away. (talk about putting a damper on the happiest place in the world.)

In February 2007 Dave and I went on another trip cruise to the Mexican Riveria. Elle stayed with her Grandma Elaine.

In June 2007 We went to Disneyland with my Family.

So here we are in 2008 and if you are a current blog reader...you will know what we've been up to this year...so as not to drag this post on forever...if you can't remember what we've done this year..scroll down...read again....it should catch you up.

So 7 years have gone by..and I realized that we really like to travel a lot. But beyond the traveling we have had a good life. We enjoy just being together and watching our daughter grow. We couldn't be more blessed!

7 years already?! (and a day!)

Yesterday June 9th Dave and I celebrated our 7 Year Wedding Anniversary. I can't believe how fast time goes by.
Here are a few pictures of our wedding day!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A late night at the Hospital.

So yesterday about 8:00 a.m I woke up feeling sick as normal. But throughout the day it kept getting worse and worse. I couldn't keep anything down not even a tiny swallow of water. I talked to my good friend Ashley and she said that both of her girls were sick with the stomach flu...I figured that I got something from them...because they were at my house the afternoon before....and we went to their house the prior evening. So needless to say I was really really sick.
I was in so much pain, and so dehydrated. I called my doctor, and he told me that I needed to get to the hospital to get an IV started because he was worried for the baby. So we went to the hospital about 7:30 last night. It took two hours for them to even get me in. I sat in the waiting room, and felt like I was going to faint. At this point my face and hands started going numb because of being so dehydrated and sick. I couldn't even sit in the chair any longer. So I laid done on the DIRTY ER waiting room floor (really I didn't even care at this point.) In fact there was some old ladies sitting across from us..who were so mad that they wouldn't get me in because I was so sick. They got me in, and started an IV. I had I think four bags of IVs and they ran a bunch of tests, gave me pain meds. They check on the baby, and the baby seemed to be doing fine. But needless to say I was so sick. They sent me home about 1:30 in the morning (I think). Today I feel like I've been hit by a truck...but at least I'm getting better. Our anniversary is on Monday and we were hoping to spend the night away tonight...but as you can imagine it's not happening. But I am getting better and hopefully by our anniversary I will be better.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Calling all opinions!

Okay...here is the deal. I really like changing my hair. And I'm kinda stuck in a rutt. I'm not sure what to do with with it right now.
It's been really fun to have it super short..but I thought maybe I should grow it out again....but it get at an awkward length.
So Here are some pictures...and I expect all of you to tell me what I should do. Because I just don't know anymore!
Picture #1. Super Short
Picture #2. Mid length
Picture #3. Long (yes I know it's not that long..but it's the longest I've had it in a long time.

So leave your opinion...you're might be the one..that changes my hair.