Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hamburger anyone?

For Fathers days I made these "Savory" but "Sweet" treats!

Aren't they swell? They are CupBurgerCakes!
{yes I made that name up myself}

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday Tell All

Did you have a nickname as you were growing up? If you did, what was it and why did they call you that? Have you had other nicknames as an adult? What do family members call you now?

Yes! I did have a nickname. What else would it be other then Kandy? My Daddy and my Grandpa always called me Kandy. Sometimes really close friends, and my sis's called me Kan. During school friends called me George. Thank Heavens that one died.

As a grown up my sisters call me Sis a lot...as we all call eachother that. And my Daddy and Grandpa still call me Kandy. Dave calls me sweetheart or babe...mostly sweetheart *ahhh* say it with me "ahhhh"!

Now don't go getting any ideas calling me Kandy it is reserved for my Dad and My Gramps. However I only let one other person call me Kandy and that was Dave's cute Grandpa Gessel who passed away two years ago...and I was honored to have him use such an endearing name for me.

Do you have any nicknames?

Oh so Random!

I have become strangely compelled to talk about myself this morning. Unsure why.....maybe it's because I am completely in awe of how crazy random I can be. {I am sorry I think I'm one heck-a-funny person} So I've decided to share with you 10 Randomly funny facts about myself.

1. I think that Yogurt is the food of Satan {okay maybe not Satan...but in my World there will be no Yogurt}

2. When I was 7 I tried to cut my bangs, and I cut them too short....and I didn't want my mom to find out....so guess what I did?...{this is pure genius} I shaved them off! Then I pulled more hair down over them and cut the right length bangs! Bwahhhaaaa!
3. I pee my pants often....NO LIE. I laugh I pee....I sneeze I pee.....I dance...I PEE.
One time I was running in the rain.....with some friends....and......I slipped and fell on my tush and pee'd. The Good thing was that I was already wet, and the rain washed it off. Yeah good times!

4. In 1995 I was Miss Junior Utah Teen and 5th Runner up to Miss Junior America Teen. I know nearly everything about pageants and the pageant world.....I dare you to ask me a question and I bet I will know it. {okay maybe not everything....but pretty darn near close!}

5. Whenever I sing in the car....I act like I'm on American Idol!

6. My Young Women thinks I make the best Cupcakes.....I haven't told them yet I make them from a box cake mix. {they think I make them from scratch....and NO I haven't lied to them...I just haven't clarified......but one time I did make them from scratch and they weren't great...so I switched back to the box mix.}

7. I love to touch people. If you come to close to me I may just touch you...not in a molester kind of way...but in a "I think you're really swell" kinda way.

8. I lie about my height....I say I am 5'0....it's a lie....I'm 4'11! {sorry to all those I have lied too.....that inch made me feel better} shamefully hanging my head

9. I love jello....HOWEVER (this is a big however) It can not be on my plate with any other food...especially hot foods....then you gets runny jello...{yuck....shivers}

10. Every CLOG AMERICA performance I did....I had to do this....it was a routine...

Now do you remember anything Silly or Crazy...or just plain "Kandis" about me?....Share what you remember.....Validate me!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tis the Season!

So many things about a wonderfuly warm, sun filled summer that I love (remember only enjoy the sun with your SPF...right?!) and this is one of them.


Then there's those things I loath....like DIRTY kids....which means dirty bath water....which means it's time to scrub the bathtub daily...{frowny}

What do you love about summer?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So many choices!

Elle has the funniest personality...and is such a fru-fru-girly-girl all the way through....and through..and through...and..through...and THROUGH! The other day she was changing her clothes...no kidding...every 10 minutes. We went through so many outfits in the course of a few hours. I finally said to her..."Elle why do you keep changing your clothes? You're not dirty." With the most brilliant smile she said, "because I can choose and choose and choose!" She is right she has a bigger wardrobe then me {and that is saying somethin'}
I am so blessed to have the best hubby, and the two cutest girls in the world! Enjoy these pictures of Elle in one of her fabulous outfits {that she created!}

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If there was a time machine I'd take it!

Today for some strange and totally not like myself reason I was reading through old Journals.....and reading back to my Junior High and High School days and realized that I actually miss it. Now I think I am one of the few people who would go back. I enjoyed High School!

I wasn't the type of girl to party or get into trouble....I didn't cause drama.....or have friends who had TONS of drama either. I really think I was a mild teenager. But this is what I miss the most....

I miss CHEERLEADING. As I was reading through my books of memories of old...and bad handwriting. I am so grateful that I was a good journal-er. I kept good record of things we did in Cheer. And even though I really don't talk to any of these girls anymore (okay I still talk to a few) but the times that we shared....the wee hours of the morning...and the football games where we never won ....the traditions...they all shaped and defined me. From those moments I decided who I wanted to be and Who I didn't want to be like.
SO If there really was a time machine...I would take it...and I would do everything the same (maybe only for a week...but I'd do it!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They are gone! {this is a super sad face!}

It is a super sad frowny face day for me, and my eyes!
My beloved Juicy Couture Sunglasses are gone!
Do you know how sad I am?
Every time I put on these fab-U-lous glasses I became so happy...and now I don't have them anymore and I'm SO SAD.
I just know they were kidnapped....or would it be glassnapped?
Should I send out an Amber Alert?
Please return them to me if you stole them...cause I am mega super sad!

I leave you with a few tender moments between me and Juicy...my beloved eye protectors!

Another Pet Peeve! Are you guilty?

Say you've decided to take your super cute kiddies to the mall for some thrifty mall shopping {whatever who does that?} Anyway for whatever reason you do go to the mall to buy the super cute new Juicy Bag....or to spend your gym bucks...or to get the Clinque gift...It really doesn't matter all that matters is you are out with your kiddos...they are in a stroller...and you are by yourself. As you approach the great and spacious building of fabulousness you see someone on the inside of the building who is leaving. This person spots you, sees that you have a stroller that you are trying to maneuver through the doors by yourself...while holding the door pushing your stroller, and maintaining your cuteness, and they purposely AVOID you, and the door you are going through. Instead they blaze their own trail through a different door just to not bother to hold the door for you and your offspring.
Sometimes someone comes up behind you, and goes through a different door instead of offering to hold your door for you so you. Sometimes they are proceeding through the door just ahead of you, glance back ....NOTICE that you have your hands loaded and they continue through without holding the door for a cute lady like yourself.
I am sorry friends I think this is so rude. Even if someone doesn't have children with them and I am walking through the door I hold it for the person behind me. It is just good manners! I want to Karate chop them!
So to all of you guilty non-door holders I say this....Us Hot Mommas aren't asking for you to buy us lunch, pay for our purchases, hold our children....All we are asking is for you to hold the door!
If you don't agree....meet me by the flag pole!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eight is Great!

Today is mine and Dave's 8th Wedding Anniversary!

We have had such a great 8 years, and I truly look forward to ETERNITY with him. He is such a great husband to me!

Here are a few of the great things I love about my cutie pants hubby!

1.He is super ticklish....and I can't resist climbing into bed and tickling his sides!

2.He lets me stay home, instead of making me go get a job.

3.He just found out how much I spend on clothes and shoes and makeup and handbags and makeup...and shoes ...and clothes...and makeup....and he still loves me.

4.He is the best dad to our girls.

5.He is Handy Manny {as Elle says} and can fix everything!

6.He knew he loved me from our first date ...just ask him.

7.He gives me 90% of the closet.

8.He gives me 98% of the bathroom cupboards.

9.He lets me go out on GNO's without complaining...{well most of the time he doesn't complain}

10. For the most part he likes my friends

11. He would do anything for anyone.

12. He is a great Priesthood holder

13. Dave lets me call him at work all day long just to say I love you. {lame of me huh?}

14. He has started to eat fish....even though he doesn't like it...he will eat it because I like it...and I cook it. {ahhhhhh so sweet}

15. I can pursued him to do almost anything I want.

16. He loves the Lord as much as he loves me.

17. He asked my dad if he could marry me before he asked me, and before anyone else knew he was going to propose.

18. He is my best friend.

19. He is a good son to his parents, and a good brother to his sisters

20. He took me to the Temple to be married so we could be together forever!


I am so grateful I get to spend eternity with such a amazing guy!

Eight Down ETERNITY to go! {I'm so excited for it too!}

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sink or FLOAT?!

Calling all friends, and family, and all good hearted people who want to show their love and support for me...and help me out!

I have been asked by my Stake Presidency to be in charge of the construction of our Stake Float for the Days of 47 Parade in Downtown Salt Lake on the 24th of July.

I have the cutest plan for the float it is "Bee-lieve in the Vision...Catch it!" Cute huh? It will be bees and bugs, and super cuteness! AND IT IS HUGE! And guess what.....nearly everyone has flaked out on me...except Liz and Ashley and two wards...out of seven. Needless to say times a tick'n and I don't know how I will finish it!

So who wants to help me build some buggies?...{I am serious friends.....I need your skills, hands, and happiness, and love, and HELP!}

On Saturday the 13th we will be trying to knock out some of it! We have a place where the construction is taking place. Afterwards I invite you great family and friends back to my place for some Hamburgers and Hot dogs! So come one- Come all...lets play with some foam, and glue and get really dirty and help me build some insects!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Painfully Hip!

While on our splendid vacation I noticed more and more the painfully hip trend of Fanny Pack roaring it's ugliness. UGG...I don't care I hate this trend. Sure it might be convenient...but in a really ugly way. {if you are pack wearer...all I have to say is "fashion victim" }

For real friends I know they are extremely easy and near hassle free but I just can't stand them. They pretty much make me throw up in my mouth a little.

What I find complete nonsense is that Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Coach have all hit the runways with them in their spring collections. YUCK! I love fashion but this trend died once, and there is a complete logical reason it died....IT IS UGLY! I say fanny packs need to go to the grave and stay there. Wear a back pack! Carry a purse.......I managed just fine with a little purse in Disney World and I look much cuter!

Just say No friends...say no!