Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eight is Great!

Today is mine and Dave's 8th Wedding Anniversary!

We have had such a great 8 years, and I truly look forward to ETERNITY with him. He is such a great husband to me!

Here are a few of the great things I love about my cutie pants hubby!

1.He is super ticklish....and I can't resist climbing into bed and tickling his sides!

2.He lets me stay home, instead of making me go get a job.

3.He just found out how much I spend on clothes and shoes and makeup and handbags and makeup...and shoes ...and clothes...and makeup....and he still loves me.

4.He is the best dad to our girls.

5.He is Handy Manny {as Elle says} and can fix everything!

6.He knew he loved me from our first date ...just ask him.

7.He gives me 90% of the closet.

8.He gives me 98% of the bathroom cupboards.

9.He lets me go out on GNO's without complaining...{well most of the time he doesn't complain}

10. For the most part he likes my friends

11. He would do anything for anyone.

12. He is a great Priesthood holder

13. Dave lets me call him at work all day long just to say I love you. {lame of me huh?}

14. He has started to eat fish....even though he doesn't like it...he will eat it because I like it...and I cook it. {ahhhhhh so sweet}

15. I can pursued him to do almost anything I want.

16. He loves the Lord as much as he loves me.

17. He asked my dad if he could marry me before he asked me, and before anyone else knew he was going to propose.

18. He is my best friend.

19. He is a good son to his parents, and a good brother to his sisters

20. He took me to the Temple to be married so we could be together forever!


I am so grateful I get to spend eternity with such a amazing guy!

Eight Down ETERNITY to go! {I'm so excited for it too!}


Krystal said...

congrats! I can't believe how time flies.

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! It has gone by fast huh?

I sure hope I'm in the "for the most part" side of your friends. :)

Hogans Hotties said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, HAAAAPPPYYY Anniversary:)) Love you Kandis and I just want you to know what an inspiration your marriage is! I hope He likes me, and how awesome is he to still love you after all of your "spending sprees" ??? :)