Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh so Random!

I have become strangely compelled to talk about myself this morning. Unsure why.....maybe it's because I am completely in awe of how crazy random I can be. {I am sorry I think I'm one heck-a-funny person} So I've decided to share with you 10 Randomly funny facts about myself.

1. I think that Yogurt is the food of Satan {okay maybe not Satan...but in my World there will be no Yogurt}

2. When I was 7 I tried to cut my bangs, and I cut them too short....and I didn't want my mom to find guess what I did?...{this is pure genius} I shaved them off! Then I pulled more hair down over them and cut the right length bangs! Bwahhhaaaa!
3. I pee my pants often....NO LIE. I laugh I pee....I sneeze I pee.....I dance...I PEE.
One time I was running in the rain.....with some friends....and......I slipped and fell on my tush and pee'd. The Good thing was that I was already wet, and the rain washed it off. Yeah good times!

4. In 1995 I was Miss Junior Utah Teen and 5th Runner up to Miss Junior America Teen. I know nearly everything about pageants and the pageant world.....I dare you to ask me a question and I bet I will know it. {okay maybe not everything....but pretty darn near close!}

5. Whenever I sing in the car....I act like I'm on American Idol!

6. My Young Women thinks I make the best Cupcakes.....I haven't told them yet I make them from a box cake mix. {they think I make them from scratch....and NO I haven't lied to them...I just haven't clarified......but one time I did make them from scratch and they weren't I switched back to the box mix.}

7. I love to touch people. If you come to close to me I may just touch you...not in a molester kind of way...but in a "I think you're really swell" kinda way.

8. I lie about my height....I say I am 5''s a lie....I'm 4'11! {sorry to all those I have lied too.....that inch made me feel better} shamefully hanging my head

9. I love jello....HOWEVER (this is a big however) It can not be on my plate with any other food...especially hot foods....then you gets runny jello...{yuck....shivers}

10. Every CLOG AMERICA performance I did....I had to do was a routine...

Now do you remember anything Silly or Crazy...or just plain "Kandis" about me?....Share what you remember.....Validate me!


Krystal said...

I remember all the fun we had in Mrs. Cook's dance class at Brockbank... (if you could call that FUN!) and watching you do cheerleading at Cyprus... you were amazing and had the most bubbly personality. I also LOVED watching you and Melinda H. clog at talent shows and stuff... you were always AMAZING!!

Katey said...

I remember that clog America tradition!!! Oh fun. I need to scan in some photos of us and post them. They are hilarious!