Monday, June 8, 2009

Sink or FLOAT?!

Calling all friends, and family, and all good hearted people who want to show their love and support for me...and help me out!

I have been asked by my Stake Presidency to be in charge of the construction of our Stake Float for the Days of 47 Parade in Downtown Salt Lake on the 24th of July.

I have the cutest plan for the float it is "Bee-lieve in the Vision...Catch it!" Cute huh? It will be bees and bugs, and super cuteness! AND IT IS HUGE! And guess what.....nearly everyone has flaked out on me...except Liz and Ashley and two wards...out of seven. Needless to say times a tick'n and I don't know how I will finish it!

So who wants to help me build some buggies?...{I am serious friends.....I need your skills, hands, and happiness, and love, and HELP!}

On Saturday the 13th we will be trying to knock out some of it! We have a place where the construction is taking place. Afterwards I invite you great family and friends back to my place for some Hamburgers and Hot dogs! So come one- Come all...lets play with some foam, and glue and get really dirty and help me build some insects!


Heidi and Tony said...

What a HUGE undertaking. I'm sure it will be darling. I may be able to spare an hour or two on Sat. I will e-mail you.

Mike and Michelle said...

I really wish I could help you. That is quite a project. One that I hope I am never asked to do. My sister in law did one a couple years ago and ended up doing most of it herself. Saturday we're busy with both families. I'm sorry, I hope you get a lot of help and good luck!

Ishihara Family said...

Sunday was the first I had even heard of this. Where and what time are you meeting on Sat? I would love to help!