Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Pet Peeve! Are you guilty?

Say you've decided to take your super cute kiddies to the mall for some thrifty mall shopping {whatever who does that?} Anyway for whatever reason you do go to the mall to buy the super cute new Juicy Bag....or to spend your gym bucks...or to get the Clinque gift...It really doesn't matter all that matters is you are out with your kiddos...they are in a stroller...and you are by yourself. As you approach the great and spacious building of fabulousness you see someone on the inside of the building who is leaving. This person spots you, sees that you have a stroller that you are trying to maneuver through the doors by yourself...while holding the door pushing your stroller, and maintaining your cuteness, and they purposely AVOID you, and the door you are going through. Instead they blaze their own trail through a different door just to not bother to hold the door for you and your offspring.
Sometimes someone comes up behind you, and goes through a different door instead of offering to hold your door for you so you. Sometimes they are proceeding through the door just ahead of you, glance back ....NOTICE that you have your hands loaded and they continue through without holding the door for a cute lady like yourself.
I am sorry friends I think this is so rude. Even if someone doesn't have children with them and I am walking through the door I hold it for the person behind me. It is just good manners! I want to Karate chop them!
So to all of you guilty non-door holders I say this....Us Hot Mommas aren't asking for you to buy us lunch, pay for our purchases, hold our children....All we are asking is for you to hold the door!
If you don't me by the flag pole!

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Ashley Barnum said...

I hear ya! Especially with a double stroller! It's such a pain to try to keep the door open yourself and maneuver that thing at the same time. So glad Jonah's now old enough to hold the door for me as I push the girls.