Friday, May 28, 2010

{Photoshop Friday}

The other day I was talking to some friends, and they suggested I share with everyone what I do in photoshop friday.  Maybe this way people will become more interested in my photography and blog.

This picture is of Ashley one of my sweet YW.  

She is as beautiful as they come, but I wanted to soften and brighten the picture for her!

(most of this talk will sound like mumbo jumbo...but those in the photography world would know what I'm talking about.)

to achieve this look....I did the following in the following order:
Color Balance: Highlights +33 0 -59
Color Balance: Midtones -38 0 +28
Saturation: -16
Curves to taste
Levels to taste
Photo filter: Cyan @37%
Color Balance: Highlights +17 0 -40
Saturation -9
Unsharp Mask to taste
Brightness +32
Contrast -29



Thursday, May 27, 2010

I admit it!

My niece had her birthday party a week ago, and everyone went bowling.  
I stink at bowling!
No Lie!
Dave and I went on a date with some friends, and we went bowling.
The losers bought ice-cream.
I told Dave I didn't want to bet on it...cause I know my bowling record.
Dave was so mad at me.
He seriously thought I was "throwing"  the game.
I was 
Guess what my score was?

Bowling is fun...but I stink at bowling as bad as Dave's dirty socks smell!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Think before you speak people!

Wow some people have NO tact! Zero, Zilch, Zippo, Tact!  
How can this be?!
Does their brain really tell them "go ahead Rude Ruby be honest....people don't care"
Wrong-o brain; people care!  

Here are some awesomely amazing examples of pure mindless-ness!

A few weeks ago as I was picking up Elle from school I noted this being said.
{note: the person this was being said to is an older mother.  Her daughter is in Elle's class, and her mom is older then my mom...putting her in her mid to late 50's}
Rude Rudy saying to older mom:
You look really good for being so old!
WHAT?!!!!! the older mom just looked at her and her mouth feel open and she walked away.
Tact people!!

A few years ago I went to a trainer with my friend.  The trainer told me this:
Meathead Trainer: "wow I didn't think you could do those lunges like that"
Me: "why?"
Meathead Trainer: "well you don't look in shape at all."
Me: (reluctantly) "I guess I surprised you"
Meathead Trainer: "you more then surprised me, I'm shocked."

HOLY MOLY.....what a jerkface!
Women (especially me) already have enough issues with their weight they don't need idiot ugly men telling them "exactly" what they think.

Then the same meathead jerkface trainer told me this while me and my friend were doing crunches.
{he directed this to me} "You could do a million crunches and it wouldn't help that pouch of yours"
After that he wouldn't help me with the crunches...only my friend.
Can you say way to light a match to my self esteem?

So to all you Tacky Tactless, Mindless Morons out there...I say
You BUG me!
You are SOOOO on the Jerkface list!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Priceless Books.

A few Sundays ago I taught in Relief Society; the topic was The Scriptures.
As I was visiting with my fab parents one evening we were looking at some old books.  My mom happened to bring out some old scriptures that belonged to my Great Grandma.
One is the Pearl of Great Price
and the other is
the D&C.
When I flipped through these two very old and fragile books I cold feel the love my Great Grandma had for the scriptures.  In the front of her D&C she has "tick" marks as to how many times she read the book.
Many of the pages have notations of things she learned.
She did the same with the Pearl of Great Price.
Nearly every page is worn and tattered.
When I hold these two books I can honestly feel the love that my Grandma had for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Love for the scriptures, and her obedience to follow the Lords commandments.
I have to give these books back to my wonderful momma, so I took a few pictures of them.
(notice the date of the printing? 1898!  112 years old)
I do love the scriptures!


My cute niece!

I had the chance to photograph my niece the other day.
She is wearing a cute Matilda Jane shirt..
Don't you wish you would have came to my trunk show?
Here's a few of my favorite shots.
What do you think?


Friday, May 21, 2010

{Photoshop Friday}

I've been judging The National Clogging Competition today at Lagoon so I am just now getting photoshop friday posted.
I snapped these pictures of Elle while I was photographing my niece.  My girls had to come along and Elle got a little jealous!
They were cute to begin with..but now they are so great!
I enjoy learning so much on photoshop.  Plus I feel this shows you how a great picture can become great when you "pay" for a little editing.
Enjoy Princess Elle


Thursday, May 20, 2010

One day left!

There is one day left to enter my Charm giveaway!
Anyone can enter....and the charm will be sent to you.
If you haven't is your chance!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Darling Princesses+Matilda Jane Clothing=Happy Mom

We were so excited that our Matilda Jane stuff came in on Monday that we had to get out and take a few pictures.
I took over two hundred pictures of my girls, so instead of sharing all of them with you....I will share some that I edited. {I didn't have the time to edit all 200}
(I took a lot more of Elle, because Ava didn't have the patience for the camera! So I promise...I'm not favoring Elle over Ava.)