Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Think before you speak people!

Wow some people have NO tact! Zero, Zilch, Zippo, Tact!  
How can this be?!
Does their brain really tell them "go ahead Rude Ruby be honest....people don't care"
Wrong-o brain; people care!  

Here are some awesomely amazing examples of pure mindless-ness!

A few weeks ago as I was picking up Elle from school I noted this being said.
{note: the person this was being said to is an older mother.  Her daughter is in Elle's class, and her mom is older then my mom...putting her in her mid to late 50's}
Rude Rudy saying to older mom:
You look really good for being so old!
WHAT?!!!!! the older mom just looked at her and her mouth feel open and she walked away.
Tact people!!

A few years ago I went to a trainer with my friend.  The trainer told me this:
Meathead Trainer: "wow I didn't think you could do those lunges like that"
Me: "why?"
Meathead Trainer: "well you don't look in shape at all."
Me: (reluctantly) "I guess I surprised you"
Meathead Trainer: "you more then surprised me, I'm shocked."

HOLY MOLY.....what a jerkface!
Women (especially me) already have enough issues with their weight they don't need idiot ugly men telling them "exactly" what they think.

Then the same meathead jerkface trainer told me this while me and my friend were doing crunches.
{he directed this to me} "You could do a million crunches and it wouldn't help that pouch of yours"
After that he wouldn't help me with the crunches...only my friend.
Can you say way to light a match to my self esteem?

So to all you Tacky Tactless, Mindless Morons out there...I say
You BUG me!
You are SOOOO on the Jerkface list!



Ashley Barnum said...

Some people really need to learn to think before they speak. Drives me nuts too!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

I can NOT believe that trainer. What an idiot. If that had been said to me, it would have probably ruined me. I am glad you are stronger than me. (always get a woman trainer - one that has been pregnant!!) People are pretty rude out there. Oh, and Kandis, you look pretty good for being so old;) Happy Birthday next week!