Friday, May 28, 2010

{Photoshop Friday}

The other day I was talking to some friends, and they suggested I share with everyone what I do in photoshop friday.  Maybe this way people will become more interested in my photography and blog.

This picture is of Ashley one of my sweet YW.  

She is as beautiful as they come, but I wanted to soften and brighten the picture for her!

(most of this talk will sound like mumbo jumbo...but those in the photography world would know what I'm talking about.)

to achieve this look....I did the following in the following order:
Color Balance: Highlights +33 0 -59
Color Balance: Midtones -38 0 +28
Saturation: -16
Curves to taste
Levels to taste
Photo filter: Cyan @37%
Color Balance: Highlights +17 0 -40
Saturation -9
Unsharp Mask to taste
Brightness +32
Contrast -29



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