Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want too!

So I had my Matilda Jane Trunk Show and I'm here to report that it was pretty much a FLOP!
So I am here to say thanks for supporting me (insert sarcasm here!)
And to publicly thank those few who really did support me.  {you know who you are!}
Those who didn't missed out!
They had the cutest stuff!
And I had really good food!
And afterwards I cried!
Why did I cry??
Because I'm a good friend...I would pick me to be my friend...and I was just plain sad that I wasn't supported very well.
So again thanks to YOU who cared enough to be by my side.
And A big thanks to YOU who made me stain my shirt with my DiorShow Mascara (once again insert sarcasm)


Tina said...

I still care, please forgive me. :)

mattandheather said...

I am SO glad you invited me and I am so excited to get my skirt! I know that I will love it! I am just sad it will take a few weeks to get here :) And to second what you said, you did have great food! I LOVED the pineapple, soooo good!

Ashley said...

I'm Sorry I couldn't make it! It was my Baby's birthday and we went out. The stuff looks way cute though!! Don't feel bad, I have had the same thing happen to me MANY times. You are a good friend and I'm sure that people didn't come because they don't like you.

Mary said...

HEY! :(

Ashley Barnum said...

I'm so sorry Kandis! I looked at their stuff online and it is way cute, but I had absolutely Zero dollars to spend. I guess I could have come and eaten your food though. =) Maybe we should have a great big get together where all we do is eat good food and talk and laugh. I would definitely be there!

Krystal said...

I got the facebook invite but I thought it was only children's clothing, and since I don't have kids, I thought that it didn't really apply to me... sorry... I didn't know what it really was.