Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What do you think?

So I really contemplated what I should name my photography.  As much as I really liked going with something other then my name....most of you said to go with Kandis B.  
I thought about going with my girls names or a variation of...but then I thought. "what if I have other children? They would feel left out."  Sooooooo Kandis B. it is!
What do you think of this Logo?
Should I re-do it....or keep it.
Keep in mind when I put it over pictures for proofing I can change the colors.  But since Pink is my Fav...I had to have it!

Keep it...or toss it?


mattandheather said...

I like what you did! Very you! You are right about the other kids thing, I hope you didn't mind my thoughts :)

jaimieneb said...

It's a keeper. I love it.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Don't be mad at me for saying this, but you wanted feedback, whether critical or not, right?! First I LOVE the pink. Second, I think it is too "busy" There is too much going on to have it be a logo on a pic. I wouldn't want it on the corner of my purchased pictures. Third, I think the font used looks a little like graffiti and a little "young" for a serious photographer.
What does everyone else think? Am I way out-of line?

That Girl said...

MA...thanks for your advice. That is why I wanted other opinions. I wouldn't be putting it in the "final" pictures for example the ones you would order or hang up. It would only be on proofs.