Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sick Again!

I swear my girls can never get fully healthy! 
We are always in the doctors office.
And Elle misses so much school it seems!
Two weeks ago Elle had strep.
She got over the strep.
Now she has a sinus infection....
A new case of strep....
and to top it off her medicine made her sick, so she was up all night throwing up.
I need a break!

Enjoy a few pictures of the sickly princess


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mattandheather said...

Wow the first one on here really is amazing, her eyes are gorgeous! Wow!

Ashley Barnum said...

Poor kiddo. And poor you too. taking care of sick kids is so draining. I hope she gets feeling better soon and that you get a break soon as well.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

I'm so sorry! Sick kids are the worst. It seems like Elle has been getting quite sick this year - do you think it is from going to school now? I don't know what your methods are, but as soon as I pick up Tori from preschool, in the car, I make her sanitize her hands. And she has only been sick once (out in Utah) I know that Elle is exposed for a longer time at school, but maybe send sanitizer with her? I don't know. Also, (thinking about your previous blog post about them making your house messy all the time) the cleaner you keep your house, the harder for germs to live. (Can you tell I like to sanitize a lot?!) Just trying to think of ideas on how to keep your cute little girls from getting sick so much! Oh, and I give Tori those daily vitamin gummi bears too.

Katey said...

I love these pictures! Great job. She is so pretty! Sorry she is sick! That is no fun. Lexi had the same problem until my grandma gave me some natural supplements that have helped. It's all those yucky kindergarten germs =( Hope she feels better soon!