Friday, April 30, 2010

{Photoshop Friday}

Since I've decided to do this photography thingy....I have been learning more with photoshop.  
I really enjoy the editing process of photography.  So in celebrating my growing knowledge of all the awesome things you can do in Photoshop; i've decided each friday I will share with you a "ho-hum" 
unedited photo and the the same photo edited.  
It might have been a cute picture prior, but I love it even more now!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Matilda Jane Trunk Show Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that the Matilda Jane Trunk Show is tomorrow!
Invite all your friends and bring your daughters!
Remember they don't just have way cute stuff for children, but for tweens, teens and adults!
Come and Support me!

If you need my address holler!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

ugg..the zoo!

I loath the zoo. I'm not sure why.  I like animals. I like Disney's Animal Kingdom. I like Seaworld.  But the Zoo....POO!
Anyway I helped Elle's class on a field trip to the zoo.  She loved it....I loathed  it!

Are you sick of them yet?

To bad if your sick of photos of my girls...I'm not...and this is my blog! 

And I am still taking request for Free Photo Shoots for my I can become a hecka awesome photog!

Oh And...Don't forget my Matilda Jane Trunk Show April 29th...I'm making yummy cupcakes!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm gonna do it!

I said many times that I want to be a I am just going to do it!  The thing that is holding me back is that I have several friends who are photographers and I'm afraid of the criticism.   I always feel like I have to explain myself.  So once and for it is.  I don't feel like I am a person who just decided over the last year to pursue photography.  Infact I worked for a photographer for a little over a year after Dave and I got married.  I have always enjoyed playing with photography, and have always dreamed about being a photographer.  The photographer taught me a lot about the technical elements of photography, but when I quite working for him I forgot some.  So now I am reteaching myself.  So with re-teaching myself I have decided to do some work for FREE!  Yes you heard me FREE!
So I am petitioning to you friends out there.  Can I shoot you?! ha!
No really...I mean it!  Families...children....Portraits....Babies....maybe you know someone who is getting married...maybe I could snap some engagements or bridals.  
Leave me a comment, and we will arrange a time.  Because I don't have a studio as of yet everything will need to be on location!
So Come one come all.....Help me pursue and develop this talent!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

These are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS!

I know I post about a bazillion pictures of my princesses!
But for real...have you seen how cute they are?! 
 Today I took them out back and took some pictures of them.
I even whipped up their cute headbands right before!


P.S Don't forget about my Matilda Jane Trunk Show April 29th!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Miss Amazing Ashley!

Ashley was one of my Young Women (before they released me ....wahhhhhhh)!  I have to say that Ash is seriously one of the neatest girls I've ever met.  She is such an amazingly talented girl.  She sings, and dances...and is amazing at both.  When I think of Ash, I can't help but think that she is one of our Heavenly Fathers favorite.  Yes I know that he doesn't have favs...but if he did...Ash would be one!
She is truly beautiful inside and out.

When Ash asked me to take some pictures of her I was so excited! 
{She's cute huh?!!}
P.S Don't forget about my Matilda Jane Trunk Show!