Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So many choices!

Elle has the funniest personality...and is such a fru-fru-girly-girl all the way through....and through..and through...and..through...and THROUGH! The other day she was changing her clothes...no kidding...every 10 minutes. We went through so many outfits in the course of a few hours. I finally said to her..."Elle why do you keep changing your clothes? You're not dirty." With the most brilliant smile she said, "because I can choose and choose and choose!" She is right she has a bigger wardrobe then me {and that is saying somethin'}
I am so blessed to have the best hubby, and the two cutest girls in the world! Enjoy these pictures of Elle in one of her fabulous outfits {that she created!}

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Krystal said...

she is so darling! And creative...