Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too bummed to blog!

The title says it all. Sorry I haven't blogged for a while.
Maybe tomorrow...maybe next week. How does next year sound?
Not that anyone reads my blog anymore since I moved it.......
I might blog again...when I'm not so blue.
:( super frowny!
I would say
XOXO but I'm to sad for that too.


Ishihara Family said...

come on I want pictures of the new purchases!!!
cheer up we all still read your cute wonderful blog.... :D

Nick and Tanya and Family said...

Hey there I read your blog!! I am sorry you are blue just remember VEGAS I know that is helping me

Carolyn said...

I read!

Liz said...

By the way, I still read your blog and love you tons! I haven't changed my blog roll yet because I'm lazy, but I still know how to get to you :)

Amanda said...

I still read your blog too.