Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It has gotten out of CONTROL!

Okay friends...I have this little tiny..tinsy HUGE...problem. Now I know this problem can be fixed...I just don't have the will power...I think I need serious help.

LAUNDRY! I can't tell you how much I hate doing the laundry! I hate sorting, washing, folding, putting away...I HATE LAUNDRY. But here is the bigger problem...I LOVE SHOPPING, and I love clothes. Therefore I have BOAT LOADS OF LAUNDRY. This is no joke friends...I mean I could sink the Titanic myself with the massive and embarrassing amounts of laundry I have. I think I should check myself into rehab for this problem. I can't seem to stop buying clothes, and I can't seem to start washing the laundry. Today was the first day I've admitted to myself that I am a shopping whore....and the repercussion of this whoredom is oodles of never ending piles of sevens, rockin republic, laguna, .....denim...cotton...satin....twill...chiffon....knit....wool.....Calvin Klein...Marc Jacobs....even some polyester...yes you name is drawn to me like makeup is drawn to my bathroom. Now I just don't have oodles upon millions upon oodles of millions of clothing items for myself...but for my girls. My girlie's are the best dressed little tots around. I figure if I admit this to the blog stalking world then perhaps I will actually stop this ridiculous renegade of buying and never washing. So today....I took some pictures of just what I am up against.

These here are clean clothes that have been waiting to be folded for weeks on end...and I can't bring myself to do it...I just look at the baskets and want to's so overwhelming.
Now this is piles of laundry waiting to take a spin in the torture chamber. Mind you...this is six separators, and there is a full load in the washer and dryer when this picture was taken.
You might think that the closets in my house are empty...NO WAY..they are still bursting at the seams. So does anyone know of any good rehab centers for those who are trying to recover from this condition?


Mike and Michelle said...

I agree. I hate doing laundry. That is the one thing I have a hard time keeping up with. I don't have as many clothes as you, but I'm already wondering what I'm going to do with another baby's laundry!

Mary said...

Hey - I'm using two washers and dryers. (One upstairs and one down). It's totally changed my life - all the laundry in half the time. However, I still think LAUNDRY IS THE WORST JOB EVER!!!

Carolyn said...

Laundry is the bane of my existance, too. I don't mind physically washing it, or even folding it, but PUTTING IT AWAY! I will have piles of clean clothes that just sit around until they eventually get washed again simply because I don't want to put them in their proper places.

I know how to remedy your problems: GIVE YOUR CLOTHES TO ME! :)