Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be who you want to be!

For quite sometime I have wanted to create a blog that would be for myself, and for my own journey. I finally stopped being so lazy, and decided to do it. When my family blog goes private this blog will not. However this new blog will not have any pictures of my family on it, nor will it talk about my family life...so you still need to let me know if you want to be added to my blog. This blog will be about things that I love, things that I enjoy. This blog is to help me to become who I want to be! I hope that it reaches out to others helping them to be who they want to become as well.

So put me on the blogs you follow, and spread the word. It should be interesting.

P.S Don't forget to leave me a comment with your email so I can add you to my private list.


Liz said...

Add me please :) I'll have to follow your new blog as well. saphireiguana@hotmail.com

Heidi and Tony said...

Include us on your private list. I love seeing what is going on with your sweet family. I'm pretty sure you have my e-mail.

Amanda said...

Hey Kandis, please add me to your list. Spackmama@q.com. And please don't be to hard on Dave. I understand where he's coming from. That is why I've vowed never to become a blogger. I know, I know kind of hipocritical since I have my kids faces posted on facebook. Love Amanda

Tina said...

me too please!