Monday, January 3, 2011

Candy Houses

I've kinda been in a little bit of a blogging slump.  I think it's because I have SOOOO many pictures and not enough time to get them on here.  Anyway...I promise to do better.

Soo going back to December.  My husbands family has a tradition that they make candy houses every December.  This is an extended family thing....needless to say the house we do them out is getting WAY to small for so many of us.  However my little goats loved it.


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Mary Ann Carlile said...

Fun candy pics! I want to see pics of the end results too! :)
Makes me miss things like this...but I think the Gessels have always loved trying to squeeze all 500 members of the family into small places - wouldn't be a Gessel party unless it was too crowded! Hehe!