Saturday, September 20, 2008

The grass isn't always greener!

I hate the old Cliche "the grass looks greener on the other side".

Over the last several months Dave and I have noticed changes going on in others lives. People who we care about deeply, who we love. Many times we have commented on the changes by saying "I wish they could see what is happening to them", or "they are going to do something that is going to really rock their world." Things like this. But knowing things aren't our business we didn't intrude or say anything to them. We just had the impression that we needed to continue to be the example. We decided that we would invite them to church even though we knew they would say no. We wanted to be the kind of people that they would look at and say "kandis and dave go to church, keep the commandments, and look they still have so much fun....." But they never said that. Instead their lives were clouded by the world, by the parties, by the new friends. Slowly we watched as the Light of Christ was taken from them. We watched as Satan's grasp take hold little by little. And all the while we stood back and didn't say anything. I feel that I gave Satan a little power by standing back and watching him destroy them.

It is hard to watch as things have unfolded and us being able to see that the grass that they have been looking for is AstroTurf. I wish I could be strong enough for them, I wish I could change hearts, and minds. I wish that I would have said all the things that I wanted to say when I saw the changes happening. I feel like it is harder then watching someone physically die, instead I've watched a spiritual death. And I pray that God is more merciful then I can even imagine, because eternity without ALL my friends and family I can't even begin to imagine.

So remember sometimes when the grass looks greener on the other side it is not. Many times there are horrible weeds, ugly bugs, lots of dead spots, or it is just plain AstroTurf


Bayles Family said...

I have to agree, the grass is usually not greener. You just have to continue to love and pray for them.

So... on a lighter note :) I love that new pic of you and Dave on at the top of your blog. You guys are the cutest couple ever!

Katey said...

We are going through this right now. Just remember that nothing you can or could have said would change it. Just continue being an example and being someone that they can turn to when their lives fall apart. If you had said something they may have turned away from you forever. Just keep praying and being there for them.

And something my bishop told me that makes perfect sense is, don't pray for their hearts to be softened. It doesn't work that way. Pray that you can know what to say and what to do for them so that they may soften their hearts. Good Luck.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry Kandis. That is hard to watch your friends struggling with finding themselves. I think Katey's advice is perfect. You are a great friend and example.

Grandma Tami said...

I love you Kandis.

Cousin Jodi said...

Kandis, Your words made me cry. Thankyou for being the example you are. Keep inviting them to church. One day they will say yes.