Monday, May 26, 2008

I am the worst blogger ever!

So Sorry Friends....I am considering myself the worst blogger ever!
I don't understand why I am so horrible at this, it is just something that happens.
I check everyone's blogs ALL the time...every day...all the time. And really I hate when you don't update your blog. So I completly understand you being upset with me.
So I will promise to you today..that I will at least update once a week.

So here goes my pledge to be a better blogger.

I Kandis (and Dave...although he does no blogging) do promise to all my blog stalking friends, that I will make a honest effort to post at least one post a week on this here friendly all those people who are nosey like me can feel included in my not so exciting life.
(That was one long run-on)

That's all for today! (or right now at least...Hey I might suprise you all and post another one today..hahahaha)

1 comment:

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Yay! We look forward to more posts!