Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Jake....You're Lame!

I don't know why I get so invested in the Bachelor every season...but I do! And every time I say "I am watching for the pure enjoyment" but by the end I have lamely felt like I've developed a relationship with these people...and that is so retarded I know...but it's true!  Maybe it's because I have given 20 hours or so of my life watching this once again disappointing show. {Big Sigh}  
Needless to say I had my favorites!  I really liked Gia.  There was something so sweet about her and she really is perfectly pretty...I wish she would have been the Bachelorette instead of Ali.  Ali?? I didn't love her.  I think I didn't love her cause she left....and even though she didn't like Vienna {I'm not a fan either} she was really rude...and I thought it made her really ugly.  And my other beef with her is this:  She left Jake because of her job, but now she is going to be the Bachelorette? Isn't that more time away from her job? She's lame! I honestly am glad Jake didn't take her back.  Tenley was another of my favorites and she is the one I wanted Jake to pick.  I love her morals and standards, and how sweet she is.  She just is perfect.  However I am happy for Tenley that she can now find someone who is perfect for her, because if Jake couldn't see how awesome she was...he doesn't deserve her.  Oh and poor Vienna...something about her drives me nuts....maybe it's the horrible extentions and bad dye job..{oh poor girl she needed her roots done in the worst way. I'm glad to see that the "after the rose" show she had her roots done!}  maybe it was her lazy eye...I dunno.  Obviously Jake the Lame saw something in her or he wouldn't have chosen her...but I don't get it.  
I am just glad that I never had to go on a reality dating show to find my perfect match.  
Today I have said I am not watching the Bachelorette...but I know that's a lie....I will watch every second of that Lame show and I will give 20+ hours of my life to the cause of finding Ali's true love only to be disappointed again I'm sure!
Once again Jake is LAME!


Tina said...

Oh my heck! I couldn't agree with you more! Tenley is such a sweet girl! She will find someone better than Jake. Vienna drove me nuts from the beginning....and yes her eye....
I say I am not going to watch it either because I feel it is all staged now...but I am sure I will end up watching the Bachelorette! :)Oh and now with Jake on DWTS....oh brother! Thanks for the post, I am completely with you on this one!

Kristi said...

I keep asking myself "Vienna, really?" Oh well I guess whatever floats your boat, but it would stink going into a relationship knowing that all of america can't stand your girlfriend. :)

Danielle said...

i liked gia too! i don't know what it was about her - she definitely wasn't the smartest one in the bunch, but she was really sweet. and as far as alli & her job, i heard she works for facebook - did you hear that? selling ads or something? so, i heard she had to quit to do bachelorette but after she's done with it, they're for sure going to take her back b/c it would really be in their best interests, kwim? i don't know if any of this is for sure, but just wanted to pass it along - LOL.

Sarah said...

I can't stop watching. I have a problem.