Friday, October 23, 2009

You want me to update?

I seriously feel like I don't have any time to update this here fabu-tastic blog...nor the will. For real...I've been kinda blue lately.........and just can't get out of the slump. BUT I will update as soon as I catch up on my LAUNDRY {ahhhh the death of me} that could be like a year *(I will not let that happen.....I will update even if I am naked)*

Stay tuned for these posts
*Witches Night Out
*Kandis becomes Crafty
*Betty Crocker Invades my Kitchen
and much more of my AWESOMENESS!


Ashley Barnum said...

Yes we want you to update! For crying out loud Kandis! I've been missing your wittiness. Sorry you're feeling blue. Doing that laundry should perk you right up! (can you sense the sarcasm)
Hope to read some more 'awesomeness' soon!

Heidi and Tony said...

I'm also looking forward to your "awesomeness". I hate those slumps when life is just depressing. There are sunnier days ahead. Keep smiling! ~Heidi