Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My sweet Daddy!

I love my Dad!

My Dad has been in the Hospital with some complications. 15 years ago he was involved in an accident where a horse rolled over top of him and literally crushed him. He was life flighted to the University of Utah Hospital where he underwent MAJOR surgery. A few years passed and he had to go back in for surgery to clean up scar tissue. A few years after that he was made Bishop, and has had no complications since. It is amazing how the Lord Blesses Bishops. Well he has started having complications again, and so he has been in the Hospital for a few days now. We aren't sure if they are going to have to perform surgery, and we are really hoping they don't. The Doctor said that it would be very long, and intense, and it isn't a surgery he wants to even do. So we are sending up our prayers, hoping that he can come home soon without surgery.

My Dad is seriously the most amazing man. I just adore him. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for anyone. I am so blessed to have him as my Father.

{this picture is so funny because this is the week following his release as a Ward Halloween party....let me tell was the most Heck-a-funny moment!}

{Momma, and Dad.....when my mom was Mrs Utah Globe}

{Me and my Dad at my Baptism Luncheon....don't ask me why I am wearing red....I really liked the dress...and I wanted to wear it..okay?!}

{Just before my Dad Gave me the dunk!}

{Papa..holding Ava for the first time!}

{He is so sweet!...I just love him!}


Liz said...

He is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he will be home soon. Please keep us updated.

Ashley Barnum said...

We're praying for your dad as well. Hope he gets to come home soon without the surgery!