Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

I am SO excited for the final "Twilight" book to come out on Saturday! I am really really tempted to go wait at Walmart at Midnight Saturday to get the book. I did this when the last Harry Potter Book Came out, and it was Crazy, Mad, Insane, Caos. But if anyone is willing to wait with me....let me know...cause I just might be that in need of some Edward!


ellisboys said...

i might just want to do that, call me sista! you coming next thursday? My house!

Lindsay said...

You're on your own for that one, I value my sleep too much these days. At 10pm I shut down.

Mary said...

I have a bunch of girls going to dinner Friday night at 9, then going to get the book at midnight. Want to come with us????? It's gonna rock.. just like we gals. :)

Brandi said...

I'll be out with all the crazies on Friday waiting in line for my cop. I'll probably be up all night and have it finished Saturday. Do you think myi future husband will mind if I call hm Edward?

Liz said...

So...I have never read the Twilight series. I hear they are really good though. Perhaps I may just have to come borrow your books :)
Not the new one of course because I know you will be devouring it!

Sarah said...

Edward? Come on Kandis!! :(

Good luck waiting in line. I'll just buy it at Costco next week.

aaron and joni said...


Hey Kandis! I can't believe you found our blog :O). That is amazing; it would be really funny to see whose you went to, to find ours....funny how that works! I'm glad you're a "stocker" because now I can see how all of you clog america folk are doing! I have no idea what everybody has been up to. I really am so happy to have heard from you!
Totally add us to your blog, and we'll add you to ours!

Good to hear from you!

joni ann