Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So Friends...Frienemies...I need help.
I want to change my blog URL. I want something funner...something more awesome. I know somehow I can set up a new blog and import all my old posts...............or something like that.
Does anyone know what I am talking it possible?
And I am taking suggestions on a new blog name.



Danielle said...

and i just looked at your blog more fully - what about '' or something?

Danielle said...

can you just change the url on the settings page, instead of importing all your old posts, or whatever you said? if you go to settings and then publishing, you should be able to change it.

as for the url address, i have no idea. is '' taken?

Ashley Barnum said...

I honestly am no help in this situation. I think Danielle is right when she says you can change your url and all your content stays the same, but I'm not sure. I'm also non-creative when it comes to names. maybe 'kandis-is-kween' or something. I don't know. Good luck with that. =)

Danielle said...

so do i win a prize for giving you the idea? :)