Friday, December 4, 2009

Serious Shamless Self Promoting!

For quite sometime I've been working on some projects, and I just LURVE them!

After showing them to several friends they suggested that I sell them. But who am I going to sell them too?
That is when I thought...Hey I'm going to put them on my blog and see if anyone would be interested.

I've been dabbling in some graphic art stuff in the recent...and I created these things.
I think they are super cute! Hopefully you will too.

I am selling the each Keep Calm design, and the Come what May design for $15 for an 8x10
They are super cute gifts and they are even more cuter hanging on your wall! {You may choose your color to fit your decor}
(no I didn't come up with the the Keep Calm and Carry On was used by the british government in WWII)
The other thing I've been creating and I think are SUPER-FABU-CUTE are these...

They are personalized signs for your precious little one! or ones! These signs are $20.00 for 8x10.
They all make AWESOME Christmas gifts!
If any of you out there want to buy one..or two...or ten....leave me a comment with your email or email me @
Even if you don't want one of these uber-cute signs for yourself.....feel free to validate me...cause I am in love with comments!


Ashley Barnum said...

These are really cute! If I wasn't super poor right now I'd be asking you to do the signs for all of my kids. I love how you played with their names and things about them. Very creative!

Mike and Michelle said...

Wow! I am way impressed! Those are so cute. I will have to think if I have anyone to get something for. I love the one with the letters!


These are AWESOME friend. Way to go you creative little think you.
Love ya,