Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UGGG! I have to vent!!

Okay so I was in the mall shopping for clothes for Elle, and I happened to hear this conversation that really REALLY bothered me. So there were two girls working at the cash wrap at the store, and they were just chatting. They were talking about a girl who also worked there.
Girl "A" said to Girl "B"..."have you noticed how much weight "girl C" has lost?"
Girl "B" yeah she's getting skinny
Girl "A" yeah she's lost like 20 pounds in a month
Girl "B" wow...I wonder what she's doing?
Girl "A" well I think I am going to start calling her "Annie"
Girl B and Girl A both start laughing.
I immediatly turned around and gave them a stare, as if to say "nuh uh, you didn't just say that." They of course didn't notice my blazing stare.
Then Girl "C" walks up from the back of the store and says "what's so funny?"
Girl "A" "Oh nothing..(pause) .....Annie"
More laughter from the two girls.
Girl "C" now looks like she has no idea what they are talking about and says "Annie"?

Then girl "B" said to girl "C" something like this "So how have you lost so much weight? I can't believe it...it's like WOW."
Girl "C" "well I've been watching what I have been eating and, I'm working with a trainer"
Girl "A" "we were starting to think you were Anorexic, (pause).... Annie"
Now girl "C" looks completly appauled and insulted and responds something like this "no I've just been working really hard."

Okay so this is why I am so bothered by this.
What if this girl was infact engaging in Eating Disorder behaviors? That is the last thing someone with that may have and Eating Disorder needs to hear, or wants to hear. They should be encouraging her to seek help not talking "poking fun at her".
And another thing is...you never know who around you infact has delt with, knows someone who has, or is currently struggling with a disease such as an eating disorder.
So this is my plea to EVERYONE....NEVER NEVER talk about someones weight. Even if they are losing weight and look good, don't say to them "wow you've lost weight, you look good." A simple "You look good," or a "You look good today" will work just fine. Commenting on someones weight dives weight lose, and weight gain. So please just don't say anything.

These stupied girls at the mall could have "triggered" me or someone else who overheard. Thankfully enough I am looking out for someone else right now...so I was able to deal with their insults (all though they weren't directed at me)....however I did want to karate chop someone!


Mary said...

OH MY HECK! I'm reading this, and I am saddened by your pain and for this other girl. I am totally going with emotion and rage that you are feeling... and then (forgive me) I BUSTED AN "OUT LOUD LAUGH" when you said you wanted to karate chop someone. In fact, I giggle just writing that. Ok, sorry, it's late. But that was funny, despite the seriousness of your venting. For that, I totally get ya. You're exactly right. Talking about people sucks. Maybe I could get you to karate chop a couple of people I met from GreenDay Alabama.

Liz said...

Hi Girl,

Here is my new blog address


Grant and Candice said...

I have no idea how I found your blog but I thought I would say Hi. Your blog is way cute! That is too bad about those girls, it is so true that you never know who is listening to you and what they have been through. They should not even be working there because that is so unprofessional!