Thursday, March 24, 2011

What are you googling?

So we all google....right?!  And you know sometimes you google something and then it takes you somewhere that you don't really want to go?!  Well I do it all the time.  And I love the stats here on the dashboard and you can see what people search for that leads them to your blog. 

Here are the top searches that bring people here to My Seriously Amazing Life.
(I've noticed some other good ones before...I wish I would have wrote them down.)
my seriously amazing life
kandis b.
kandis broadhead
wish photography
wish photography blog
wish photography utah
wish photography kandis
kandis b photography
sweet elle
funny ksl ads 
photoshop friday mommy blog
baptism subway art
blog "mostly" sweetheart
cjsi china
how to have a safari party for a 18 year old
broken heel
angel lush cupacakes
toes in face
kandis kinder detroit
sherrie syme mecham
hip mormon
devils lawn mower
eating disorder treatment utah
battle ed
.......this one happens to be my favorite...drum roll please
are you daves mom seriously naughty.


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