Thursday, August 18, 2011

Someone to everyone.

I have a big character flaw I think....that is that I feel like I need to be someone to everyone.
I feel the need to be liked by everyone and obviously that's not the true case.

You see as I've grown with my business I've gained a lot of fans, and quite a few haters too.
For some reason these haters feel like it's their obligation to tell me just how pitiful I am.
I know I need to get a tough skin, but it's so hard!
I know this all goes back to my ED problems and now that I don't have ED to cover up the hurt and pain it is right here on my sleeve.  I've actually thought of going back to therapy because I'm not sure how to deal with the hurt without covering it up.  
I really want people to like that to much to ask?
(would you believe it if I said I am actually crying?! cause I am.)

Anyway.....I needed to throw myself a pitty party for a second.
Don't talk me out of it.
If I'm going to be back blogging, I'm going to blog about the good and the bad...maybe this is a way I can deal with it all.
(just giving you that warning)

Oh here's a few pictures of my littles.


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