Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be Strong

Today I wanted to blog about a friend of mine.  Her name is Kamille. 

Kamille and I met shortly after I got married and shortly before she got married.  
She was working for Clinique Cosmetics and was my consultant.  I wouldn't let anyone else help me (see that is my loyalty thing) except Kamille.  It didn't matter if I really needed something I would wait until she was working so she could help me. 

Kamille and I were really....REALLY close at one point.  She was there for me at a time when I needed it the most.  Kamille outed me about my {former} eating disorder.  She actually called Doctor Laura.  (Yes..the Dr. Laura) about me.  

Kamille is probably one of the strongest souls I know. 

Kamille is married to her best friend Clint.  Clint served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Brazil prior to them getting married.  While he was there he found out he had bone cancer.  He was sent home to have surgery.  He married Kamille and they have 3 children. 
Clint had been in remission from cancer for 10 or so years. 
In December of 2011 they found his cancer was back.
It was devastating to them. 
Clint underwent surgery to remove the cancer.  There is no treatment for bone cancer other than removal.  It doesn't respond to chemo or radiation. 
They got it all. YAY
Then he went in for his 3 month check up... the cancer had come back in a different spot now. 
He went through surgery again. 
He went back again for his 3 month check (at least I think it was all 3 month checks...I could be wrong) and they found it was back again.  This time they decided to wait and see if it would grow.
Yesterday they went back for his check to find that it has doubled in size.  Then they found a new spot of cancer on his back. (Prior it had all been in his hip and groin area). 
This is devastating news. 
I can't imagine what is going on in their heads and hearts.  

Through it all Kamille has been pretty upbeat and happy as that is Kamille, but I just know that her soul is crushed. 

Kamille is one of the strongest women I know.  She is beautiful and remarkable.
To her Clint hangs the moon.  She calls him her dream boat.  
I am so blessed to know such an amazingly strong women. 

I've wanted to do something for them, but I don't know what and it just hit me. 
I am going to hold a sale on my actions and all the proceeds are going to go to Clint and Kamille and their family. 

When you pray, pray for those you don't know that they can be strong through their trials.  I know there is so many of our Heavenly Fathers children out there who need our prayers...including Clint and Kamille. 

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