Sunday, October 14, 2007

Welcome to Our Blog!

This is our first family blog! (aren't you happy for us?!)
So what's new with us? hmmmmmmm NOTHING. Well maybe that's not quite true. I'm sure we can find something to talk about, but we are infact super boring 99% of the time.
So let's see.......
Elle loves school. She's so smart and she knows it. The other day she told me. "Mom it's snowing outside." I said to her "no it's not" and she said "yes it is mom, it's snowing at Grandma's" Again I told her it wasn't snowing and she proceeded to tell me "yes it is; it's so complicated" Where she learned the word and how to pronounce complicated is beyond me...but she did.
One more cute story that I'm sure you'll love...we do. She made a HUGE mess in her room, so I told her she needed to clean it up. Well every ten minutes or so I would go in her room to check to see if the mess was getting wasn't. So I had to keep after her. About the 4th time checking on her she told me "I just can't do it, it's too big." I let her know that she made the "too big" mess and that she needed to get it done. She then told me "I need to pray" HA! I just had to laugh, like Heavenly Father is going to help her out of her mess. But later I was humbled by the simple faith she has. Sometimes we make such a mess of something that all we can do is pray help us get out of the mess, even though we made it ourselves. Wow the lessons a little three year old can teach us.

Dave just got released from being the Ward Clerk, and he was put in the Elders Quorum . He misses being a part of the Bishopric, but grateful for this new chance to serve.

Kandis' scarves have offically hit SLC international. I'm excited to see how they sell, and to get more orders. This is super exciting for us...Hopefully you'll see Kandis B. in stores all over. YEAH!

Well as you can see we don't have much new News to report. But keep checking back we might have some amazing news about winning millions. (Hey we can wish!)


Sean and Janet Eyring said...

You have to look at the picture on my blog of the halloween party. Elle looks like she is floating, and it really is kind of freaky!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

I didn't know that you guys had a blog until I saw you on Marinda's! Yay! Glad to see you here...I will visit you lots:)

Wayne E. Broadhead said...

I'm getting into the new century - finally, as visit the blogs of all my children. The posts are so fun to read andI love the pictures and videos. Keep them coming! I have the world's cutest grandkids! Love, Mom