Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh So Happy Halloween!

We had a really great Halloween! Elle got boat loads of candy, and she is so excited about it too. People give out good candy now. She got some great treats...I'm jealous. When I was a were excited to find one Candy Bar in your that's all it is...jeez kids these days have it hard! Elle was excited to get dressed up in her Sleeping Beauty Costume, and put on "Mommy's makeup". We first went to our church where our ward, and another had a trunk or treat. It was so awesome. The activities director from the other ward...lined up all the kids in a parade fashion. The kids then were able to show off their costumes, and go from car to car. We gave out maybe 200 candys in a matter of 20 minutes. The kids had their sacks full, and everyone left. Talk about the way to trick or treat. Then we went to Elle's great grand parents (George) And visited them for a little bit. (This Kandis has done since birth; so it's a fun tradition to still have.) Then we came home for a couple minutes before out the door to go visit Kamille and Clint Bauer. We had a nice evening with them, visiting and eating some yummy food. (Thanks Kamille!) Elle had fun with her cousins, all who were dressed so cute. Expecially Rylee who was Raggidy Ann, and had no clue who she was...but was excited to look as cute as she did.

It was a great night!


Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Any leg-less floating going on?

JK. She looks cute!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

She looks beautiful!