Thursday, November 1, 2007

Does the Lord work through Cars?

Oh my..oh my! So we have been trying to get out of debt, so we decided that we needed to sell Dave's car. So he put it up for sale last week, and we had some people come to look at it. Well on Tuesday a guy came by, and said "I want to buy it." Gave Dave some earnest money, and said he would buy it on Thursday. Well yesterday (Wednesday) they called and said they needed to buy it now. So about 5 p.m Dave met them at the Credit Union they gave a certified Check, Dave gave them the title...and the car was now theirs. So your asking...what is Dave going to drive? Well my dad is giving Dave a old Bronco (no payment awesome.) Dave just has to get it road worthy, and it's his. So he has been working on it, but it's not ready yet. So my mom told me that we could use her Expedition until he gets the Bronco fixed. So Dave would drive my car to work, and I would drive her car. (Sound good huh?)

Well this morning, I was sleeping in a rather amazing slumber might I add..when I was jolted out of bed by the phone (6 a.m) It was Dave. He was in a car accident. IN MY CAR! Some sleepy lady ran a red light and totally broadsided the car. I had to go rescue him this morning. So Dave was able to drive the car home..(he was only it less then a mile away) And a tow truck will come for it later. However we are totally car-less. So We will have my moms expedition for awhile, and that Lady's insurance will have to pay for a rental car for Dave. the Lord works through cars. Had Dave not sold the car yesterday as planned it would of been him in his car that got hit....making the car unsellable. As much as we hate to say that the Lord works in mysterious ways..he does..even if it means a car wreck.


Carolyn said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car wreck, but that is pretty cool that you sold the car the day before. That post was so suspenseful! :)

Mary Ann Carlile said...

That bites! Sorry to hear about it, but glad that it worked out a little better than most car wrecks;)

Marinda said...

i'm glad that none of you were hurt! but it's such a pain to deal with insurance companies and everything. i bet dave has big ideas on what to buy next, right?