Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Elle's top Ten!

Elle has been tagged by little Broox Bate.

1. Elle is the purse queen of all three year olds. (Or Children...even many adults.)
She doesn't go anywhere without a purse. (No I do not put her up to this.) She puts all sorts of trinkets, and treasures in them. 90% of the time she takes the purse that she carried that day around with her to bed. She really sleeps with it..and when she wakes up in the morning..Guess what?!!! it is still in the crook of her arm.
This is something really endearing about her...I just love it.

2. Elle is the worst eater in the world. I sometimes have no idea how she stays alive. She doesn't eat worth a darn. I guess this is why she is so amazing the skinny. Elle can still wear pants (although they may be really short) That are 12-18 months. Because Elle doesn't eat very well..I let her graze all day long. Some of her favorite foods are: Grilled Cheese (she has to dip it in ranch dressing) Salad...loves salad..., Mac and Cheese, Cheese (we go through a large block of cheese every week), Steak..yes steak. Just to name a few.

3. Elle loves her dog Ruby. She picks her up and dances with her. Ruby is so patient, she just lets Elle roll all over her.
I'm pretty sure Ruby loves Elle just as much as Elle loves her.

4. Elle loves to dance. She likes to make up her own little dance. Hmmmm I wonder where she gets this from?!

5. Elle loves everything Princess. She knows every song from every Disney Princess movie, she has all the Princess dressup's. She calls herself Princess Elle. Infact others refer to her as Princess Elle. When we go to church all the older women say "Hello Princess Elle".

6. Elle adores her cousin Alexa. She lives behind us, and she loves to play with her. They enjoy dressing up together..and just being little girls.
Alexa is Elles best friend!

7. Elle adores her dad. She calls him Prince Charming. She likes to talk to him on the phone, she gets excited when he comes home from work. It's really sweet to see them together.

8.Elle enjoys making up stories. All the have the same "guidlines": There is a princess, a ugly witch, something that the princess has, and something the evil witch takes, a handsome prince, a rescue of the thing the witch takes, and a happily ever after.

9. Elle knows who the prophet is. Can pick him out in a group line up, and knows his name. She also knows who the other members of the first presidency are...their names, and which one is which. I'm so proud of my Sunbeam!

10. Elle knows almost all the songs from the musical Wicked, even though she has never seen it. Her favorite song is Popular, and she sings every word, every influction, and every action. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I just love Her...she is so special.

Elle tags.....Wes, Chris, Kimball, Tori, Connor, Lizzy, Emma and Annika and Lexi and Ty Wells.


Sarah said...

Good gravy! She has more purses than I have EVER owned in my whole life. :)

Mary Ann Carlile said...

That is cute! I can't believe her purse collection! I will have to complete your tag, but it may take me awhile! She is too cute.

T apostrophe Ann said...

Thanks for your comment on my page. Good luck with everything! I know for both of us it will all be worth it in the end!
T'Ann Payne

Sarah said...





oh, and :)

The Boys & Nat said...

She is such a little princess! I can't believe her purse collection either! What a doll!

Sabrina said...

Hey Kandis. I'm glad you finally said hi. Also such a small world on the cook books. I don't cook but I will use the slow cooker recipes all the time.

I just looked over your blog and your cruise looked like it was so fun. I'm so overdue for a vacation. Also your little girl is so cute. I'll have to keep checking you blog now that I've found it.

Krystal said...

Hey Kandis,

I saw your link in Mary Locke's blog so I thought I'd say hi! Your daughter is so cute. Hope you're doing well. My blog (which is truly un-exciting!) is I am just living in Magna and teaching 2nd grade while working on a masters degree... I am completely insane! Take Care!
Krystal Plott